Nazzix is Dugor ,Hakkarra.. Its disgusting

86 Blood Elf Warlock
12:49 [Nazzix]: Mad Mayhem, lvl 25, PvP
12:49 [Mordsiths]: oh ok .. im in that guild too
12:50 [Nazzix]: as i said, die hard, i dont stay, though i am gay
12:50 [Nazzix]: stray*
12:50 [Mordsiths]: is this dugor? zzzz
12:50 [Nazzix]: haw
12:51 [Nazzix]: i love that im really just that gay to everyone
12:52 [Mordsiths]: your the only person i know thats gay that constantly wants to tell what does u being gay have to do with wow.. so yea easy to identify
12:53 [Nazzix]: comic relif
12:54 [Nazzix]: plus it makes me near harrasment immune
12:54 [Mordsiths]: but at the end of the day if u just dont say anything on being gay ,no one would harass u in the first place.. sexual orientation has nothing to do with video games..its universal
12:56 [Nazzix]: if you think that hun you dont hang around gay gamers often
12:58 [Mordsiths]: gay people are cool , the ones who constantly do that shyt around me offend me.. its like me constantly talking %@*%@*@** to you.. u just wouldnt understand and probably wouldnt want to
12:59 [Nazzix]: il let you in on the secret honey, im a bisexual who just has a strong pref for guys 90/10... i mean really be less sesitive then
13:00 [Mordsiths]: not even i just steer clear from it.. cause in real life if someone disrespected with some gay shyt..probably get punched in the face
13:01 [Nazzix]: shame im cute and mouthy as well as smart enough to know how to get away with it
13:03 [Mordsiths]: not really .. hearing u on vent with it when we pvping is really annoying ..its one of the main reason alot of people left mad mayhem .. ur a good player ,just annoying to be around when u talk that !@#$%^-*! shyt..its not a good look when i hear u doing
13:03 [Mordsiths]: that shyt to young kids
13:03 [Mordsiths]: is no good
13:04 [Mordsiths]: especially when u doing it on vent
13:04 [Mordsiths]: its why alot of are playing on other guilds
13:04 [Mordsiths]: who would probably be playing mayhem right now
13:05 [Mordsiths]: u should keep that on the minimum..but its just my opinion
13:05 [Nazzix]: @#$%^-*!@ huh? explain
13:06 [Mordsiths]: when young kids are on vent and u flirting with them ... its pedo shyt
13:06 [Nazzix]: wait you mean merlz?
13:07 [Nazzix]: the warlock kid
13:07 [Mordsiths]: im not gonna get into names.. i heard u on alot of occasions doing it.. not just to one person
13:08 [Nazzix]: well iv got most of them as real ID friends hun i hate to tell you
13:08 [Nazzix]: and this was after the flirting and all that, they asked for mine
13:08 [Mordsiths]: doesnt make it right if u know em or not .. its disgusting to hear it anyone
13:08 [Mordsiths]: if a kid is a kid u just dont do that in todays society.. its gross
13:08 [Nazzix]: they think its funny i mean really
13:09 [Mordsiths]: and against the law
13:09 [Mordsiths]: im glad u think so
13:09 [Nazzix]: im not trying to screw any kids im just making em blush and such
13:09 [Mordsiths]: so do it in private why u got to subject the whole guild to that?
13:09 [Nazzix]: no?... they tell me
13:10 [Mordsiths]: making a kid blush is wrong and u know it.. just stop ..its offending others
13:11 [Nazzix]: lol making somone blush is wrong even if i have no intrest in them sexual, how prudest
13:12 [Mordsiths]: what strikes me as funny is u actually trying to defend your pedo actions when u should have been adult about it and said u know what u right ..that could be my kid
13:13 [Mordsiths]: shows me where your mind is at
13:13 [Nazzix]: its a boy to me, im not asking for hookups like you assume, its just teasing
13:14 [Nazzix]: my mind is perverted even my 28 year old BF would tell you that
13:14 [Mordsiths]: making sexual references to a kid on a constant basis isnt innocent
13:15 [Nazzix]: its not because they are kids its because they are male and around what about that dont you get?
13:15 [Mordsiths]: maybe i should record it for u next time so u understand how it sounds
13:16 [Nazzix]: it would allow me to says such accusing things at me
13:16 [Nazzix]: see*
13:18 [Nazzix]: i hit on people in general, get over it
13:19 [Mordsiths]: doesnt bother me none.. just trying to look out for the others who got to hear it .. shyt im good.. u stay on mute when im in vent
13:19 [Mordsiths]: just relaying what others have discussed with me as u will
13:20 [Nazzix]: dear god there are only a few who talk such bad english that have ever been in the guild
13:20 [Mordsiths]: and theres only one pedo
13:20 [Mordsiths]: you
13:21 [Mordsiths]: its how u easy to identify
13:21 [Mordsiths]: but i guess u like that kind of rep
13:22 [Mordsiths]: lol

Stay tuned .. ima record this guy on vent and you tell me if this isnt offensive to just hear
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86 Blood Elf Warlock
I want someones opinion,am i wrong for even paying any mind to it?
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90 Troll Druid
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I agree.. dugor weirds me out.. thats why i dont like running with them mad mayhem guys in PVP because they endorse that nonsense
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86 Blood Elf Warlock
Its disturbing when someone is making fresh flirting with a boy no older than 13. Then saying its ok, he likes it. Like really dude?
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