Stopping PW:S from sniping HoTs idea

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I can agree that PoH spam to keep da rolling was pretty mindless but shielding people has both a debuff and a small GCD each cast. The amount of absorbs we are putting out with PW:S spam if people wanna call it that is far less than previously with da.

Unlike PW:S, rolling PoH/DA also had a cast time and couldn't be used on the move. It also had group limitations unlike PW:S, and you actually had to be diligent about keeping the DA stack active.

As it stands, the only thing you need to do is watch a boss timer, and simply start rolling PW:S on the raid when the timer is sub 15s. There's no downside to PW:S spam - no group, range or movement restrictions, very little overhealing, high HPS - and quite frankly, there's very little thought to its usage.

At my gear level, I'm having no issues sustaining heavy usage of PW:S, and this is even without me having the LMG. The LMG just makes PW:S spam so much more viable.

I don't know how this happened, but Disc went from a rather complicated spec to play well, to one that's mind numbingly boring now. Simply spam Atonement and PW:S and you can safely ignore the nuances of the spec and still do exceedingly well.
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I honestly think PW:S would best be served as a % of health absorb with a heal attached, and costing a fair bit more mana. The % wouldn't scale but the actual heal would scale with spellpower. That way, it would be most effective to use on tanks, and limit its power because of Weakened Soul.

But generally, if HoTs are being sniped to a crazy degree, it's because your raid has brought too many healers for the content.

The other problem is that I think for heroic modes (I don't have ToT heroic experience yet though), burst damage is a problem. Didn't the devs agree that tanks getting blown up in 2-3 hits was stupid? Well, it's back. But now, it's worse than ever, because it's happening to raid members too who aren't tanks. The raid isn't topped off to 100% before a boss mechanic? Boom, people die. That's dumb.

They need to bring back more aggressive sustained damage to keep healers busy, along with some randomly targeted stuff so healers don't get bored. Big blowup mechanics are fine sometimes, but the burst damage has caused absorb-healers to feel almost mandatory, and that's very bad.
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