Guild Leaders' Meeting - 5/14/13

100 Troll Druid

As the years have progressed, time has not been kind to our little realm. Each expansion has seen the death or relocation of most of Velen's big and/or influential guilds. Those of us remaining here increasingly feel the absence of our once larger population. The AH becomes less stocked because fewer people farm and buy, PuGs of current content are almost non-existent, and RBG groups are rarer than Bigfoot.

Many people are opting to transfer off for $25-$55 (not including alts). Those transfers typically happen to much larger realms, but they leave their reputations and friends behind. If guilds consider transferring to other realms, we must be prepared for an expensive endeavor. 10 man guilds can cost over $1000 for all their members and guild bank. 25 man guilds can easily be around $5000. Personally, I'd rather people pay to come to Velen.

In the bigger picture, this process is happening to the majority of realms in the US. Most realms are small and getting smaller as people leave the game or move to higher population mega-realms like Illidan and Sargeras. There are a few serious problems with these mega-realms. Queues to log into the realm occur and can be 1000s of people long. The servers tend to crash during world events and bosses and multi-boxers are rampant in the environment. Just the other day, I was invited to a group on Mal'ganis for Nalak and one multi-boxing player with 15 Shaman and 15 DKs pulled and killed the boss by himself before my group of individuals could tag it. Finally, they kill their own faction balance. Despite being on PvP servers, places like Illidan and Mal'ganis have zero'd out their Alliance player base. What's the point of being flagged, if you've run everyone off?

There are no easy solutions to this negative dynamic as WoW ages. I can't promise the future, but there are solutions! And they all revolve around recruitment and advertising. If we are to pull the realm out of the nose-dive it's in, we will need to work together as a community to do so. So, to discuss ways to tackle the entropic forces plaguing our realm, I'll be hosting a guild leaders' meeting in a week and a half. It's goal will be to strengthen our realm's leadership and encourage growth through cooperation. Why guild leaders? Because they're already our community entrepreneurs and workhorses. If you are a GL, you have a vested interest in the health of the realm and can directly impact that health. Every guild leader on the realm is asked to attend and I'll be livestreaming the mumble discussion for the rest of the population. Everyone listening in will be able to ask questions and propose their own ideas. Please attend and participate in deciding Velen's future.

5/14/13 - Tuesday
9:30pm SERVER

RID: Cobane#1358


P.S.: Guild leaders please add me to RID. I will provide the mumble info upon the day of the event. When sending an RID invite, please include a note of the name of your main and the guild you run.
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was just saying the same thing on our guild form.... glad some one else thing this
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90 Undead Priest
Thanks for coming up with something like this. It sounds like an interesting idea. I would be interested in attending, even though I'm only a former guild leader of FT.
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90 Orc Death Knight
sounds interesting would love more pvp'ers for my guild ill talk to my gm about this
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my ( now x) guild leaders think it a requitment add for shade roled eyes I hate people that are not even willing to give it a chance there stupid
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100 Undead Rogue
Janex, we do not tolerate insults to our guildmates or our officers, especially in a public venue. Nor were you ever in a position to speak for the guild.

Cobane, in regards to your post, our GM Inoue knows about this and it is up to her if she wishes to attend. I wish you good luck with your meeting and I hope it will produce some fantastic results for Velen.
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did I say I was speaking for care bear club in any way shape or form??? no please learn to read. I said I hate people that are not even willing to give it a chance there stupid but what ever mephini
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100 Troll Druid
I've gotten quite a bit of interest about this meeting. I'm looking forward to the event. Let's keep the excitement going.
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100 Draenei Mage
As 9:30 server is nearing my sleepy time I won't be attending, but here's my thoughts:

First, thanks for having a commitment to the server, that is certainly nice to see.

Secondly: What brings a player to a particular realm? I can only think of three reasons:
1. Transferring to join a particular guild
2. A PVPer or non-raider who wants to join already established friends
3. A brand new player picking a server almost at random (which is how I ended up on Malygos when I started playing WOW in 2010).

Increasing the number of transfers mostly has to do with the nature of the guilds. We could help come up with some marketing tricks to try, but in general there is a fairly high barrier in order to get people to fork over the money for server transfer, and that's mostly only going to happen with people looking for heroic progression guilds that match their schedule/interests. Recruiting off-server is pretty much all that my guild does; I haven't counted, Outlandish is now between 2/3rds-3/4ths of people who transferred from a nother server to join the guild.

Hard to affect friend transfers, and there's only one PVP guild happening on server at the moment.

That leaves newish players, and it seems difficult to get any kind of marketing message to them.

So what kind of strategies can make people want to come to Velen, aside from getting more progressive raiding guilds on Velen in order to recruit people? One small idea is to advertise on Aerie Peak - hundreds of newish/unmoored players transferred there to join the Call to Auction initiative, and maybe want a more focused raiding experience than they ended up offering that's one place to look.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
To Janex: We never said we wouldnt look into it just atm it didnt seem that ness to go into it. All guilds are different and the system we currently had going we are going strong and at the pace we enjoy. Maybe we are being more laxed and are taking the situation differently but that does not mean we were against it.

I am always interested in how people feel about the realm and if there are ways to make it a better community for others to come join.

Meph has done a great job getting xrealm members as Velen itself have players who are set in 10 man guilds and are happy there. As a 25m guild its been a little rough but as always we've pulled through.

Depending on my work schedule I maybe able to attend but we'll see!
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90 Pandaren Priest
Ask yourself "Why Velen?"
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90 Pandaren Monk
You guys spend entirely too much time/effort on a dying cause. Velen has been dying a long time ago. When people leave velen, they don't come back for good reason.

All the guilds that have left in the past few months have done better/been better off for it. LOD broke up but many members went on to a guild that's 6/13H now. We have put much less time/effort into raiding, booted both our tanks from last tier and we're still 1/13H this tier (really 2/13H...the bird dies tonight and maybe Iron Qon too...we'll see). There's just honestly no reason to stay on Velen. The World (of Warcraft) is a bright place with many wonderful realms. Unfortunately, Velen is not one of them any more. With RID and Xrealm stuff there's really no reason to stay on Velen.

I can fairly easily pug a full clear on my alt on high pop realm and would struggle to do the same on Velen, even with "connections". Recruitment is easier, there is much less elitism (Oh, you're 2/13H...there's 5 other guilds that are 2/13H and 3 other guilds that are higher than that..), and stuff actually sells on the auction house. Trade trolls can actually write english and are superb at trolling on the high pops too. It's like moving to the big city from rural america!

If you're not in a US top 200ish guild, then people will deny coming to you because of your low realm pop. If you are in a US top 200 guild then it doesn't matter what realm your on. This meeting benefits Cobane and Shade greatly but for every other guild on Velen, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your guildmates by staying on Velen. I'm not saying I wouldn't do the same thing if I was in Cobane's shoes...they have a vested interest in growing realm pop (easier to sell stuff, more lively server, etc...) but it's just really tough for any average guild to do well on a low or medium pop realm these days. The content is harder, recruiting quality raiders is tough business, etc.

Exodus moved to Mal'Ganis, Did it for Whitney moved to Thrall, etc. etc...even great guilds recognize that High pop is the way to go now days.

GM of Livid
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Hopefully some of the smaller guilds will be there as well. I know I'll do my best to show up on behalf of Chasing Purple.
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100 Troll Druid

So far, the below guilds have expressed a desire to be represented at the meeting:

Shade of Arrows (obviously)
Warriors of Avalon
Carebear Club
Fail Train
Chasing Purple
Thunderlord Clan
Suicidal Tendencies

If your guild is not on this list and you want to participate, please be sure to send me an RID invite @ Cobane#1358 or contact me on the day of the meeting.

In brief response to Proh's post, I'm not able to fathom how attending this meeting produces disservice or risk to any participant nor am I envisioning that I or my guild will specially benefit from this event more so than any other.

Have a great weekend!
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HELL YEAH!~ I may not be the leader of the guild but i'll be damned if Pikk's gonna miss this, Im a huge velen nationalist and ive noticed the decline as well, almost twice as much because i play both horde and alliance. The saddest thing ive seen is a trade chat that scrolls once every 5 minutes or so. So, yes, you can count Suicidal Tendencies in!
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100 Draenei Shaman
9:30 is the middle of our raid, but best of luck to you.
Hope you get a decent turn out.
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100 Gnome Mage
Count me in. Will do my best to be a part of this. Many of my guildees speak of these things in /g all the time.

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90 Pandaren Priest
05/10/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Docryktor

We ending raid early?
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100 Troll Druid
05/11/2013 11:56 PMPosted by Choop

We ending raid early?

9pm server is our usual end time.
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