The Mirage is looking for a healer and possibly a ranged dps to join our 10-person raid team!

Join us and much hilarity will ensue. You haven't really raided until you've heard DJ Noodlez' "1% Wipe" sound clip. Or the musical tribute to The Mirage recorded by soon-to-be-discovered rap talent 2Pump Mocha, "This Instance". And, yes, we kill the bosses too! Currently we are 6/6MV, 4/6 HOF (DAMN YOUR EYES GARALON!) and getting thrown out of ToT by the big bouncer JinRokh but seriously we only tried him 2 nights and both times we had new healers and got him down to 15% so I'm sure we'll get him next week if you come join the team!

We are a low-key adult group that's been raiding together since ToC. We're steady and dependable, we're organized and communicate outside the game to make sure we can get a viable team to roll every raid night. We're respectful and encouraging and team-oriented.

If that sounds like a good raiding environment to you, give me a shout online, or Mysteiria. Or if you like, send me an email: Hoombaba dot Feathermoon at gmail dot com. If ya know what I mean.

We can work it out if you're undergeared but you need to have healing experience because lord help us both if you rely on ME to teach you how to do it. Hunters just point and shoot.