The Origins of the Mogu

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I don't know about you guys, but I think I finally figured out the whole Mogu deal.

So they were created by the Titans, right? Constructs of Terracotta and whatnot. Well, if that is true, then why was the last Emperor of Pandaria a Pandaren?

Well here is what I figured out.

Y'Shaarj was killed over Pandaria some X amount of thousands of years ago. How long, we don't really know. But what we do know is that there were plenty of Mogu constructs that fought the Old Gods and their Minions alongside the other Titan creations. Well, in addition to Y'Shaarj dropping the Seven Sha around Pandaria, I think he also perpetuated the Curse of Flesh early in the region.

This would explain why the Mogu would have been creatures of flesh long before the Sundering which was 10,000 years prior to WoW, and during the Sundering Shaohao, a Pandaren, was the Emperor of Pandaria.

This would lead to another question, why wouldn't the Night Elves remember the Mogu, because they remember the Pandaren to some extent.

Well, I figure that during the Mogu Dynasties, there were no Night Elves. According to WoWpedia, Night elves really didn't start popping up until 16,000 years prior to WoW. This would give the multiple Dynasties of Pandaria ample time to have all of the many Mogu Emperors, up to Lei Shen, as well as the Jinyu, Hozen, and Pandaren Emperors, with the last being Shaohao.

And then to wrap up the 'Night Elf thing', it would explain the Zandalari Alliance with the Mogu. If there were only Trolls and Tauren in the world outside of Pandaria at the time, then it would make sense if the trolls did meet the Mogu, which according to the Zandalari Incursions in Kun-lai as well as with 5.2, they do have a racial memory and cultural memory of the Mogu.

Anyway, got that off my chest, what do the rest of you think about this?
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You seem to be missing a kind of huge piece in the puzzle. The Pandaren Rebellion.

The Mogu didn't fall because of the curse of flesh, and in fact their empire was at it's height after they had already been afflicted for some time.

Rather the line of Mogu Emperors was broken because their empire had become so utterly dependent on slave labor that it had no effective means of countering a large-scale slave revolt. Which is exactly what happened about 2,000 years before the Sundering.

The Mogu's weapons were designed for intimidation rather then combat, allowing early Pandaren Monks to run circles around Mogu soldiers. The Mogu were so dependent on the now-rebelling Grummels for carrying messages and supplies that entire legions sat in their barracks oblivious to the rebellion until it was too late.

After that happened a Pandaren dynasty was established to replace the Mogu one. The Jinyu and Hozen Emperors actually pre-dated the Mogu Empire.
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Oh, right I forgot about the Rebellion while typing that up. However, most of the post was just how they fit into the Lore without breaking it. I.E. How would they conquer Pandaria if they were still titan constructs during the Sundering? My argument wasn't "Well how come they aren't now" it was more of "How did they get to be like that."

And it was my understanding that the Mogu were the first rulers of Pandaira, long before the Jinyu and Hozen Emperors. Considering the Mogu enslaved -all- Pandaren races that they could meaning Pandaren, Jinyu, and Hozen.
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No, the Jinyu predate the Mogu Empire, or at least existed side by side with it for a while. There's mention somewhere of the fall of the Jinyu Empire beneath the Mogu Empire - I ran into it on my blitz to get Lorewalker, I think.
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No, the Jinyu predate the Mogu Empire, or at least existed side by side with it for a while. There's mention somewhere of the fall of the Jinyu Empire beneath the Mogu Empire - I ran into it on my blitz to get Lorewalker, I think.

You can actually see some part of that during the 5.2 trailer.
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I just love Pandaria it has such rich lore its a shame the faction war has overshadowed it so much.
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