Paragon Knights ( is a casual raiding guild on Scarlet Crusade, Alliance side. We raid on Saturdays, starting at 8:30 pm Server, and usually lasting about 4 hours.

All we ask from you is maturity, respect for others, a willingness to assist others, and communication.

In turn, we will provide you with: a friendly place to be; help in instances when you need it; advice on gear, spec, or class; guild officers who are reasonably easy to reach; if you provide the materials, there's usually a crafter in guild who can help make what you need; and if you're determined enough, we'll help you find a way.

We are currently recruiting for our 10 man team in MoP. We are looking for tanks, healers, and dps.

Applications are available at, in game contacts are Minlei, Cailisa, Amirya, Gleagh, and Endrance.