Horde - Decent Raiding Scene?

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Hello, demon soul residents. A good friend of mine wants me to transfer to Demon Soul Horde - something I don't really have a problem with, but the population is kind of low and that makes me nervous. I know low pop =/= bad progression, at all - with how Horde Leaning I've heard the server is I'd actually be surprised if progression wasn't at least solid.

But, even though I'm coming for my friend, her guild is full - so it's not like I can join them. I'd really like to get into raiding in this Xpack, so that's an important consideration to me. Does Demon Soul have at all a healthy raiding scene, where people PuG or where guilds are frequently recruiting? Or is it more like a handful of strong guilds kind of "running" the server, so to speak?
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Short answer: Does DS have a raiding scene? No.

There aren't many raid pugs if any. The only guild worth mentioning is Reminence. If you want to see any sort of heroic content then they're the only show in town. Everyone else flounders in 10M normal until the pre-next-patch nerfs.
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Pretty much what kestrall said,

there's a couple pugs that pop up every now and then but it's not that frequent. There's very few raiding guilds in general on this server now and the majority of Demon Soul's population is more into the pvp/super casual scene.
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