Hey Veco! Get to know me!

90 Worgen Druid
Hey Veco! I wanted to make a post telling you a bit about myself because I feel like we know each other but not as much as we should!
My name is Becca. I'm a 4'9" 20 year old woman from Pennsylvania. I play Alaaria and Amara and sometimes Lainara.
I have an art studio within my own home. It's my tiny little art business and I usually design logos for small businesses, album art work for local bands, some prints for restaurants to hang up and I even do a few tattoo designs (which is really funny...)

I love art. Almost as much as I love WoW. And sometimes the two intersect. That being said, I take tons of commissions monthly, but my favorite thing to make is anything WoW related. So if you ever want a giant poster of your wow character, punching your favorite cross faction player in the face, that's what I'm here for!

I've been on the Veco for 2 years now, after transferring from Bonechewer. I guess you could say that's why I liked PvP so much, because I was constantly getting pummeled as a baby newb when I first started playing 5 years ago. But what was always SUCH an issue was if I told anyone I was female, is be harassed to the point of logging off for a week.
I am so proud to say that I've NEVER felt that I had to hide my gender on Veco.
Not once, not even some of the less...respectful, strangers on PvP have said something about my body or #%!#@!@@@@ me (if you cringed, it's proof that Veco has left you un-desensitized by some of the "norm behavior")

Most of you know that I'm the squishy healer. But I've not ONCE been ragged on for being terrible. This community has given me so much over the years that I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for being so cool everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this! And seriously thank you for being so okay and grown up about me being female!

If you ever want to know what I'm up too, you can visit my art website at:
If you want art or you just want to talk, add me on Facebook:
Facebook.com/LainaraRageheart (just tell me your from Veco)
Or email me!

Now its your turn to tell me a bit about you! Hope to talk to you all soon!!
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90 Dwarf Warlock
where art goes to die!!! very cool I am a painter myself very much appreciate seeing other artists make their way in the world

I have only been on veCo for 8 months after transferring from emerald dream and I am glad you feel this way about this server, because I love it here compared to the crap ive dealt with on other servers

maybe I killed you many times when I was an orc warlock (Kurgk) but hopefully from now I can peel for you and make your time on azeroth (or panda express) safer

I on the other hand am a 6'2 24 year old male model named Sebastian

and also would love to get to kno more veCo players personally

I absolutely love this server
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90 Worgen Druid
I think we did have out little scuffles on your Orc. But I've always remembered you being fun to go up against as you kept it fair and clean!
I'd love to see some of your paintings! And a model? That's so cool! I'm not tall enough to be a model. But it's something I've accepted long ago haha
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Hey there! Rerolled here a couple months back after a long hiatus, loved the "small town atmosphere" and transferred my remaining toons over. (though I think I am gonna main this guy for a good long while)

I am glad to see artists making it as well. I don't do any art professionally, though I have been known to take a commission to paint miniature wargaming armies (I'm a huge 40k fan and have what my wife refers to as "an obsessively vast" collection.)

That being said, my name is Travis, I'm a machinist by trade, living in California (though I want to bail asap), 31(32 in August), 6' 185lbs (if anyone cares about such things), married with two kids (daughter Gwendolyn, 8, and son Mack, 1).

My WoW experience has been topsy turvy. I used to PvP with my brother through vanilla and TBC, then I became very PvE focused in Wrath. When my brother quit playing, I jumped to a raiding guild on my old server and we pushed our way up to competing for top raid guild on Horde side. My claim to fame is being in the 10th world-wide downing of General Vezax hardmode. Unfortunately, my guild's leadership got burnt out and we bowed out of raiding. Our competition had been...intense...with the other guild with a lot of smack talk and so those of us who wanted to continue raiding couldn't really jump ship to the other guild. That left many of us wandering out and, eventually, quitting.

Luckily, that synced up perfectly with big life changes IRL, and I knuckled down and got my RL affairs in order. Now I have returned to enjoy playing WoW again. Initially I joined the server because it was RP-PvP (two things I had more or less neglected during my raiding days) and because it's on Pacific time. I wanted a fresh start and that's what I got. I have stayed because everyone has been chill and awesome, and I hope to segue into RP and 5 man dungeoning with a good group of friends.

Cheers and thanks for having me.
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90 Human Hunter
For Veco!
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90 Human Death Knight
Well, I reckon I can join in on this fun.Its a good idea.

In game you either know me and Kreinlich or Kheridan. Ive played WoW since its debut in 2004. Ive been on VeCo since 2008 on one faction or another using one name or another =P.

In real life my name is Dalton, I'm 21, and 6 foot 4 inches 280lbs. I study(ied) computer science as a trade and program and work part time as a pizza guy for a living =P (everyone needs out of the house sometimes and that's my out time)

A lot of people think Im either a complete d-bag or just a generally horrible person, but part of that is part of my persona the other part is just me needing time to warm up to you.

At the risk of becoming victim to cruel people on the internet, I do have Asperger's/HFA, I was diagnosed when I was 3 and have struggled with the social and OCDish limitations it has given me, I have met some of my best and closest friends and strongest supporters in tough times in my life in this game and they're irreplaceable me.

As a lot of you know I enjoy PVP in all of its aspects as well as most other parts of the game. I do think a lot of people take my ganking to be something personal and I really never get why.

Ionno much else to say other than I look forward to checking back in this thread and knowing more of you more.
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100 Tauren Druid
Hey guys! Most people know me as Ironclaws(horde) or Phyrexia(alliance), and I transferred to this realm a couple years ago from Doomhammer. Let me just say that as much as I miss my friends from Doomhammer, I wouldn't move back there. I love this realm and wouldn't go anywhere else, even if someone paid me. I love you guys too much! :D

My real name is Tia, I'm 20 years old and about to be 21 in a couple of months. I'm a short girl, like 5 foot exactly. Been playing WoW for about 5 years now. I'm going to college for graphic design and am so excited to finally be going for something I like. I love to draw, whether it's on Photoshop or just in a sketchbook. If you wanna check out some of my stuff, my deviant art is http://tiamariie.deviantart.com/gallery/. Btw, I love your artwork Alaaria!

I used to work at Staples, but had to quit when I moved for school. Copy and Print was awful, just to put that out there. XD I love PvP, and I will fight even if I know I'll lose. I love a good brawl! Annnddd, I'm a huge mount/pet collector!

That's about all I can think of right now. :D I'd like to get to know other people!
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90 Undead Mage
I am Michi. I am an infrastructure architect/engineer and cloud services consultant. I make things on the internet work so other people can build on them - I - and my team - lay the foundation for some of the biggest and most well known things on the 'net, and in the country.

Some of you may know that I provide the realm Ventrilo.

That said, when I'm not spending ungodly hours fixing some problem or another, I tend to rp, make machinima, and enforce Sylvanas' will. Usually this requires dead allies.

The machinima I'm working on is a Hybrid machinima, and I'm slowly putting together a team of talented artists to assist with it. I've been doing a lot of the coding back end and asset rips, as well as some of the procedural animation and project design to flesh out our capabilities.

You may have recently seen my partner's work featured as fan art on MMO Champion:


This is a fraction of the work we've been doing and have a number of mini projects that will be completed before our large scale project - The War of the Shifting Sands, which is effectively a recollection of the trials and tribulations that encompassed opening the gates of AQ.

While he's upgrading the assets in the environment, we're always looking for people skilled in photoshop, texturing, modeling, rigging, animating, motion capture, and voice acting, etc, to bring the characters to life.

Outside of WoW stuff, I also am a moderately capable marksman with a CZ-527 carbine, a SIG P226 .40, as well as my mate's SIG 522, Savage .223 bolt-action, and his custom-built AR-15 in 5.56.

If you're ever in southern California (Specifically the northern L.A. county area), I'm always happy to take you out to a range and teach you familiarity with firearms and basic marksmanship.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
This thread needs some Horde so I'll do mine I'spose.

Let's see, I started WoW sometime during vanilla but was off and on for long periods throughout each expansion. Over that course I've had to make several different accounts due to hacks or simply forgetting my info after coming back from a break. =/

I've been in VeCo long before when a friend of mine decided we should try out RP PvP after, not being much satisfied with other servers, and that was when I first met Blacktooth Grin, though I was a young Orc Warrior at that time. I recently came back to VeCo around sometime last October in hopes that The Grin was still around and to my surprise they were. It's just a shame I don't see very many of the faces I sort of grew to know when I first joined but life goes on and new friends to be made.

As for real life I'll just keep it short by listing the basics. Real name is Brad, I'm 23 and I don't think anyone really cares about height and weight but I've got nothing to hide, last I checked I was about 5'10-5'11 and weighed about 145ish...? So far I am currently in the process of joining the military (Army branch, wanted Air Force but that's another story full of details..) and I'll I'm waiting for is my phone call telling me when I'm to be shipped off to basic so in the mean time I game and occasionally work on getting into better shape.

This is all I got for now, I love to PvP and can RP here and there and I like meeting new and interesting people, so feel free to hit me up anytime you see me online.
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100 Night Elf Druid
I very rarely post on the forums, but it's interesting to picture the people behind the characters :)

I'm currently 24 and a software engineer working on gameplay for EA's Madden and NCAA Football franchises. Pretty much anything AI-wise in those games are under my domain. I absolutely love it, and it's made me a TGIM person. I have to fight the urge to go in on weekends, because it's seriously too much fun. How I get paid to do it is beyond me.

I've been on VeCo for my entire WoW lifetime. The way I got into WoW was funny for me. It was Christmas time and Wrath of the Lich King had just come out. My roommates and I were off for Christmas break, and one roommate had told me how he had been craving WoW but had been 'clean' for two years now. Well, being the awesome roommate I was, his present was Wrath of the Lich King and a time card. Needless to say, he never got to three years of being clean :) But, in the process, I rolled a character to play alongside him. He has since stopped playing, but I'm still here! Funny how things work. I really love mounts. Like... too much. When I see someone running around on the Crimson Deathcharger or Invincible or Experiment 12-B, I congratulate them because I know how rare they are and how proud they must be :) I know I would be!

I enjoy PvE, but I've been sitting out the past couple patches. I normally just LFR, if anything. Most days consist of me doing dailies, haha. There's a tad bit of RP in me, just because it makes the game more compelling for me. I'm a night elf and druid junky. I tend to disassociate myself from Night Elf Mages because I blame them for the Well of Eternity fiasco. My main is Skozzem, a Night Elf Druid. If you're a Tauren Druid or Troll Druid, I won't attack you. Heck, my Warrior is trying his best to look like a Hyjal Protector. Pretty much, if you see a character around with a 'zzem' in their name, it's probably me :) I'm peaceful on a PvP server.
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100 Tauren Shaman
I am Aovi and have been Aovi (aoVI) since 1997. It has been the name I have used in most all of the online communities in which I have been involved. The name comes from a time when I used a visual chat program called "The Palace" and would meet with artists I was working with. It was the initials of my studio at the time, "The artist's only VI". The iMac I had at the time read the name aloud as "OW-vee", and it stuck with me.

My son (Nyimsava the druid for those who remember) and I started playing WoW together just before BC and transferred here in early 2009. He grew up and went to college and has more or less retired from WoW, and I linger on, mostly because of the people in Thunderhoof Clan being so great. The social aspects of the game appeal most to me, and I use that as an excuse for being a shabby shaman. I have no real alts other than a banker and a gnome spy, I mean liaison here on VeCo, and a couple of abandoned characters on 2 other servers I was on before calling VeCo home.

I am old enough to have silver hair, young enough not to care.

I have 2 degrees, one in recording engineering, and the other in commercial art/computer graphics, neither of which provides my income currently. Both have been relegated to "hobbies" now. I enjoy making old-school ambient mostly. By old-school I mean 1970-80's ambient of Eno, Reich, et al. When I am not in WoW I am am member of a community of ambient artists (Ambient Online), and record here in my home studio (ao7) or make album covers for albums that don't exist yet.

I am also a beginning amateur astronomer. My daughter and I use an 8" dobsonian to scan the skies in search of amazing sights. Saturn is looking awesome this month.
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90 Worgen Druid
Wow, guys you're awesome! Lot's of artists and computer whiz's and even some dabbling in astronomy!
So many of us from different parts, kinda have one thing in common;
We all adore Veco and the community!

Which is so cool, guys. Have you looked at any other server's forums? There is nothing like this!
I know a lot of you were thinking of ways to kinda bring the community more closer, and bring in more traffic, but, to be perfectly honest, I'm kinda just going with the flow here. The fact that we can be able to do a thread like this ^ is a testament to how wonderful Veco already is!

Lets keep those introductions rolling! What about Pets?
I have a Saint Bernard who just turned one last week. His name is Banky, from the movie "Chasing Amy" if anyone was curious as to what led us to the name 'Banky'.
He's about a 100 some lbs, and has about 40 more to go until he reaches his max growth. He's taller than your average Lab, maybe around your hip.

I also have a black cat, named Dexter, from my favorite TV show, "Dexter"...you know the serial killer? Except my cat wouldn't hurt a fly... He's sort of too stupid to hunt. The only thing he brought me was some dead, dry worms and some dry leaves, WHICH he kindly left on my bed.
Anyone else have any furry children?
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76 Blood Elf Mage
Chiming in on this thread as this is the community atmosphere that I crave from MMOs of the past.

I'm Kate, early 30s, happily married to an amazing guy and proud mama to a spirited 2 year old named Liam. After majoring in the practical subject of History, with a focus on recent US military history, I entered education and have been an elementary school teacher ever since. Grew up in northern New England, did the college scene in DC and now am blissfully settled in the paradise of South Florida.

However the early side of the 30s I'm in, I've loved computer games since Dad brought home the Apple IIc and remember dialing into BBS in high school. The SysOp was in my Trig class.

My MMO days started in the 2d world of Brittania. Ultima Online was an amazing game for PvP and its open world style was great fun. I played before it was common to text message and remember having to be logged onto ICQ to message people about the game or logged into Teamspeak.

When not hurrying to level 90 on this Mage I recently dusted off, I'm either playing with my family, working on school stuff, or reading. Books and MMOs are my two passions outside of my family. RP and writing fanfiction (very rudimentary, very unpublished) are my creative outlets.

Awesome thread, thanks for starting.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
First it starts with friendly chatters and banners... then it'll be some anonymous Bro date with a guy called chadchillbro275 in a campus dorm with brewskis, a game cube, a dane cook dvd collection and axe body sprays... and then it gonna end with bro crying in front of newsline investigation report interview. (high five yourself if you get the reference)

Joking aside.

I'm Rode and on alliance side, i'm Bassreeves! Real name's Bart and gonna turn 26 this summer. Believe me when i say i'm quite the funny guy in Wow and in real life! I always treasure friendship no matter what. Born in Versailles France with a french father and an American mother but i pretty much grew up everywhere. My father worked for the french embassies around the world so i spend my childhood always moving out every two years into another country till i ended my high school years in Paris' suburbs then left to live in California on my own. Now i won't bore you with the reason i chose to live in the U.S of As in late 2005 but i can tell you that recent french politics and social changes discouraged me from living in France anymore ("Sarko! t'es un sale fasho et un fils de *censored*"). Since then, i've been pursuing a life of my own here free from family pressure and in a more tolerant atmosphere. Gonna finish my major in sociology soon, maybe even be a community worker and hopefully, get a career in helping out the less then fortunate folks!

Now my wow history. I actually started out in the french servers when it first came out in early 2005. That was before they translated the warcraft lore into french so when Sylvanas' last name was Windrunner and not "Coursevent" (but gotta admit, Garrosh's last name in french is epic, "Hurlenfer" or "He who intimidates hell!") but still, i kinda miss the french server days. Maybe Blizzard will open up some french servers here? who knows! After i moved to the states and got settled in, i rejoined WoW this time in the U.S servers first at moonguard (back when it was... tamed) then finally to Venture co, first as a troll hunter but when Burning crusade came, i decided to level rode here. I mostly spend my days baking and selling bread then leveling. In fact, it wasn't till wrath was in the beta stage that i got a max level character.

Now, everyone who met me in Wow will tell you, i RP 24/7! No matter what! Be it PvP or Pve, to make gold with my profession, helping out people from being ganked or with a tough quest. Even in a PUG raid! I live with Shakespeare's quote "The whole world is a stage and everybody's playing a part". That doesn't mean i take RP and lore seriously. I'm quite open minded with people no matter what they think about the game or RP in general. To the point that people tell me i am being walked over. From my point of view, i got more friends then enemies. Though i acknowledge that i always feel bad when i hurt someone's feeling even when i am right to the point i tend to stay silent for a long time out of guilt. It's a french thing, hard to explain. Hurts my friend when i do that and i sometimes feel nothing but shame that i hurt the Veco community when it happens. I always try to fix it up afterward however as lots of folks will tell you about me!So... RAWR!

By the way, awesome art Alaaria! And iron claw! love that Babe's art! /shameless plug:

Man lots of artists here. All i can gloat is that i write stories in my spare time. I tried entering the blizzard story contest to no avail and got a short non-fiction history piece in a short book collection once but that's pretty much it... no pays... Working on a new piece though, science fiction! Got robots and detectives and all that jazz.

The machinima I'm working on is a Hybrid machinima, and I'm slowly putting together a team of talented artists to assist with it. I've been doing a lot of the coding back end and asset rips, as well as some of the procedural animation and project design to flesh out our capabilities.

You may have recently seen my partner's work featured as fan art on MMO Champion:


Holy... crap... please finish that project!
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100 Tauren Death Knight
((I will break character for just this once))

I'm glad to see everyone jumping in on this, as I feel we have a very unique community here, and even though I do not converse with Alliance scum, and will kill any who cross my path, I still think of the name's I routinely fight as friends. Maybe frienemies?

In game I am Gorum Chaoseater, Warchief of the Blacktooth Grin. I play blood, despite the flip flopping of people I fight going from "blood is trash in pvp" to "Blood is OP" in one breath. One of my greatest annoyances is the state of pvp QQ where it's never the player that wins, it's just their class being OP. It's why I enjoy dueling and am more than happy to meet someone on their own terms.

IRL I am Brian though almost everyone I know calls me Moose (no relation to the wow player), a 6'7" 25 year old support engineer and system admin working in the VoIP industry in Northern Alabama.

I started out wow in Burning Crusade as a gnome mage names Malosuerte where I did RP and PVE. One day I tried helping a guildy who was getting ganked in Hillsbrad foothills. It escalated into a massive Wpvp battle, where we were crushed by the forces of Blacktooth Grin. The next day I rolled a DK and the rest is history.

I RP anytime I am in game, and due to an extensive dnd background, I have trouble separating fantasy from reality. I feel that it helps me RP on the fly more effectively and I hope anyone who has been privy to one of my grandiose speeches would agree. It also gives me a diehard sense of honor. If you see me on the battlefield, or out in the world, I want everyone to know that Chaoseater's word is his bond and everyone is entitled to a fair fight.

I've enjoyed reading these posts and getting to know everyone. I hope it keeps going.
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I am Braellyn O'Keefe. Leader of the Guardians of Azeroth on the Venture Company. I was born in Northshire, during the rebuilding of Stormwind City after the end of the Second War. My father and mother were a warrior and a priestess of Stormwind who were among the refugees who fled the destruction of Stormwind at the end of the First War and who served with Anduin Lothar in the Second. My father responded to General Turalyon's summons during the invasion of the orcs' homeworld, leaving my mother behind, who was pregnant with me at the time. My father was lost and presumed dead when the Dreanor Expedition, as it's now called, sacrificed itself to prevent the Horde from returning by sealing itself on the other side of the Dark Portal.

My mother did her best to raise me alone, but when I reached my 18th year, during the beginning of the plague in Lordaeron, I began to have mysterious dreams of my father. In the last of them, he called out to me to serve...he said that I was the daughter of a warrior and a priestess of the Light, and he had served under a great man who was a combination of both. I awoke from that dream KNOWING I was meant to be a Paladin of the Light. I took up the oath, and have been fighting evil ever since.

My mother was sorry to see me go, but knew in her heart it was inevitable. She still lives and is advancing in years in new Northshire. When the Dark Portal reopened, I joined the throng of heroes passing through, both to aid the Alliance and search for my father. While many of the great heroes of the old Expedition were found, neither Turalyon or Alleria have been seen. As my father was one of Turalyon's lieutenants, I hold out hope that perhaps they all live and will be heard from again.

While I am a peace-loving Paladin and believe, like the Lady Proudmoore and the former Warchief once did, that peace between the Alliance and the Horde are possible, there can be no peace under the policies of the current Warchief.

During my studies, I read about the old Guardian of Tirisfal and the final fate of the last Guardian Medivh. To carry on the tradition, I founded the Guardians of Azeroth, where power would not reside in a single person, but where a group of like-minded heroes would protect Azeroth from all threats, whether the demons of the Burning Legion, the horrors of the Scourge, power mad despots or despoilers from the Horde OR the Alliance, or some new threat yet unknown. Although the Council of Tirisfal recently reformed and for a brief time empowered a new Guardian, we decided to carry on our tradition regardless.

Ok, now to remove my RP hat (removed), and introduce myself. I am a fairly private person who has no desire to be part of the social media whirl, and also want to protect my identity online, so I am not going to post much about myself on a public forum, but I am a very friendly sort, so if you want to know more about me, send me a tell in game when I’m on, which is frequently! I will say I’m the old geezer of this thread so far, being a 45 year old WoW player. I reside in Los Angeles, and am a part-time actor and director, who currently works in Human Resources. I am a long time fan of Blizzard and the Warcraft franchise, having played the original WC RTS game on an old Mac back in 1994.

When WoW came out in 2004, being a lover of the old pencil and paper Dungeons and Dragons paladin class, I knew I was destined to play in the Alliance as they were the only faction who had paladins at the time. I love the lore and the deep history of Azeroth, and can talk about it for hours. I’ve been to every Blizzcon and have the in-game accoutrements to prove it, and will be there in November. I started playing WoW back in the day when PvP servers required you to only play one faction, so my Alliance characters are here, while my Horde characters are on Ravenholdt. I look forward to many more adventures on Azeroth, and to meeting many of you, either as friends or foes, on our little home away from home!
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Woah, woah, woah!! Fanuf!! You were Kurgk?!? Welcome to the right side, friend!! And if you're looking for a guild Alliance side... :-)

(Not derailing thread...)
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90 Dwarf Warlock
blood and thunder....

I mean "for the alliance"
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90 Worgen Druid
I won't be able to respond personally to everyone, but know that I have read over each and every story! You guys are truly fantastic!

It's good to see familiar faces, even have some join different sides!
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90 Dwarf Warlock
my dream warlock transmog


(lil photo shoot I did for Givenchy)
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