What quest made you laugh the hardest?

90 Undead Mage
First time lvling on alliance side for MOP but the quest that made me laugh hard was SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky. When you play as Sully and he makes a friend named Gizmo then pushed him off when he got a new friend named Socks.
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100 Worgen Warrior
SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky

I lvled a horde toon to 90 first and already had fun with the horde version of the quest.
But doing this as alliance had an extra twist to it.
This is only funny to other 'double agents' out here. Thankfully I can already see i'm not the only one. In itself the alliance version is more fun, but the tie-in with the horde version is done very nicely.

Punching Deathwing in de face was fun, but the surprise of the Fire from the Sky after having lvled a horde toon first made more impact on me :).

RIP Gizmo (sorry)
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81 Orc Shaman
i cant decide between gnomebliteration and the grizzly hills quest where you have to poop in the outhouse.

and for funniest name, camel tow.

That quest name is good but "Nothin' says lovin' like a big stinger" is better.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip


Some memorable quotes:
"Seems legit."

"I love it. I love this carrot."

"Look, look! Weird, bumpy carrot!"

"Ahh, turnip! Get out of here!"

"No, we been tricked!"

"I think we should eat it."

"Good things happen to us today."

"You no take carrot! You take turnip instead!"

"False carrot alert! False carrot alert!"
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100 Draenei Priest
The Yemo Panada in Krasarang was pretty dang funny.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
The one where you punch Deathwing in the face.

I was going to say the ones in Uldum. You know... where one is called "Just the Tip".

But I changed my mind after seeing this reply. Definitely this one.
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100 Dwarf Hunter
"What the ook? You have scary dead face!"

Or something like that. Not only a funny series of quests, but the best love story I've seen in this game yet. A monkey and a zombie, where else but wow could that coupling happen?

Still a better love story than Twilight.
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100 Blood Elf Warlock

This made me crack up so hard for some reason.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Giving quests to Dumbass, Johnny Awesome, and that Kingslayer Orc.

I howled my head off it was too funny.

Especially after finding out what happened to Johnny's mount....
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90 Draenei Shaman
The one where you punch goats off the cliffs at fuselight. I laughed for a good 10 mins and refused to hand the quest in so I could keep doing it.
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100 Troll Warlock
Maybe Gnomebliteration!

Very definitely Gnomebliteration. Best quest in the history of WoW, and I've played since patch 1.2...

I wish it became a daily. Every time I did it, I laughed so hard that my sides hurt.

Btw, Helcular's rod was pre-Cataclysm, Horde only, and started with a rare drop you had to farm from the yetis in that cave west of Tarren Mill.

(edit) Come to think of it, I also laughed that hard at the Krasarang quest where you roll the pouting panda kid back into town. In fact I still laugh just thinking about that. I should level another alt to do that quest again.
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90 Draenei Shaman
First time lvling on alliance side for MOP but the quest that made me laugh hard was SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky. When you play as Sully and he makes a friend named Gizmo then pushed him off when he got a new friend named Socks.

Gizmo died....

Twas almost as sad as when Denny died in Greys Anatomy.
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90 Human Paladin
Wild, Wild, Wildhammer Wedding

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100 Goblin Death Knight
I don't always laugh at quests, but when I do, it's Welcome to the Machine.
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90 Orc Hunter
Not a quest but watching gnomes die makes me smile. Every time.
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100 Human Warlock
The one where you punch Deathwing in the face.

Hands down, this quest so much.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
I tend to chuckle at the pop culture references in some of the quests, like "hacking the wibson" (hack the gibson! Hackers!) in the gnomebliteration quest line.

That entire zone was fun. The !@#$ references, and the blood elf who says they're "Fashonists" ._.

Hm.. apparently the short version of national socialist party... yanno the bad guys in WW2 is a banned word. I wasnt trying to curse, promise D:
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Anything with Budd in it.

Especially this: http://youtu.be/0aQ4trp6ha4?t=31s
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90 Draenei Shaman
The latest one I got a good laugh out of was the last part of the legendary quest (the thunder forge). Where he walks up to the machine and says "Now if I were a dwarf I would just start randomly pushing buttons. But you and I are here for a purpose".
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24 Night Elf Priest
No quest. But clicking on the hozen and hearing their quotes were pretty funny.
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