Hello, we a newly formed guild here on the Gilneas server and are looking to do casual ten man raids. We are mostly made up of players who have been on this server for a while, but we have a few new players, and are looking for more to join our ranks!

Raids Times: Main Group (red group) will be forming on Fri-Sat around 5:30-8:30 PM. Other raiding groups will be formed later on and have a proper time soon.

What we are currently recruiting: 1 caster DPS, one OT. However, feel free to message myself or Altessa in game if you wish to join for other groups or just for a place to stay.

What our Expectations are: Our expectations are pretty low here; All I ask is that you know your class, know the fights, and bring flasks. If you don't, then we'll do our best to help. Also a sense of humor is a must.

Additional Information: We have Ventrillo, and are currently working on a website next. We also do transmog runs and generally have a lot of active guild conversations. We actively run heroics, so if you need gear, chances are one or two guild members at the least will join.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :D. If you have any additional questions, message me in game or reply here :D