Switched to tank spec question

90 Worgen Death Knight
Since MOP came out I played as Frost spec. I wanted a new challenge in the game so i switched to blood. Got my dps gear to an ilvl of 507. I reforged, put new gems and enchants. I have played as a prot pally and I know how to tank. My question is will it be frowned upon in LFR to tank and would it be ok to vote kick me out based on gear alone?
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
That's probably just people wanting an "easy tank to heal" and getting stuck with some pally that refuses any hit/exp gear "BUT I STACK ALL DAH HASTES" or what have you. Your gear looks "fine" in the sense that you switched from frost>blood. Just have a few items you need to clean out still (crit gear.)
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I'm just kicking myself for all that valor I spent on DPS gear. The LFR drop rates will need to be kind to me. Lol
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100 Human Priest
If somebody in LFR asks you why you are rocking the crit gear, be honest. Tell them you are transitioning from a Frost spec to a Tank spec and your gear isn't all swapped over yet. Tell them you have a Prot Pally and have tanking experience. They might still try to kick you if they are dumb, but if you are rude in your response to them, they DEFINITELY will try to kick you.

Mostly just get out there and pull off your active mitigation. Your gear has the HP, so just don't be squishy and folks might not even /inspect you in the first place.
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90 Human Death Knight
Dodge is a horrible tank stat. Do not reforge to it.

More on-topic: you have not been collecting tank pieces? I can't imagine you've been sharding or vendoring them rather than save them for a rainy day.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
I found that if you go into LFR and just start pulling and don't die, nobody really pays attention to your gear. If you can hack it, you can hack it. I was in one LFR when I just hit the required ilvl and the paladin offtank asked why I was in PvP gear. I told him it was better than the blues I was in previously. He said, simply, "no", then started pulling. No issues the whole run, and I didn't get kicked.

Keep your head down and do your job, nobody's going to bother checking your gear.
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100 Troll Monk
Sceilence is golden.
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100 Pandaren Warrior
They might kick you.

But you could probably tank most normals with DPS gear, but people in LFR are dumb.

Personally telling them youre gearing up is a bad idea, just tell them DKs use crit to tank for blood shield crits. They wont know you're lying. A counterattack on the things theyre doing wrong is also a good ifea but make sure you're right
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