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Hey there, Paladin community! I've been playing around on a Ret paladin for a while using the PTR, and I was actually hoping to talk to some of the higher end raiding Ret's about the buffs they're getting towards Sword of Light (30% damage increase with 2H weapons instead of 15%).

It's a very fun class, and I do enjoy it more than I enjoy my warrior. However, I don't want to reroll and gear up a class that's going to put me down a couple places on the DPS meters. How do you guys think ret paladins are going to place on the meters against the rest of the DPS classes out there?

Any kind of input is appreciated greatly!
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Well ret is going to do better on the meters than on 5.2 sure but idk if we will ever be the best of the best. Play your ret because u love it not because its supposed to be the most leet raiding spec flavor of the patch....I guess u gotta ask yourself what u want, wanna play the spec because its fun and u love it? Great go for it....probably not the best for straight up dps but then again it's more than just a one dimensional dps spec....
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Ret is already a very strong damage dealing spec - anyone who says otherwise either knows nothing of which they speak, or is simply very bad at Ret and blames the spec rather than admitting their lack of skill.

And 5.3 is just going to make us that much stronger. Sword of Light's passive 2h buff affects more than auto-attacks and strikes (Crusader Strike and Templar's Verdict), it also affect Seal damage - which triggers on every weapon hit, the aforementioned white swings and strikes - and also mastery damage from CS and TV.
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05/09/2013 03:46 PMPosted by Chibidots
It's a very fun class, and I do enjoy it more than I enjoy my warrior. However, I don't want to reroll and gear up a class that's going to put me down a couple places on the DPS meters.

In my opinion, being fun to play is more important than topping the meters (that's just icing on the cake).

The difference in damage on live isn't so great that skill or gear won't overcome it, and 5.3 only shortens that gap.
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It's not like I'm looking to play a class to be the top of the top. I'm looking to push heroic progression before the next raid launches, and I'd like to you know, not struggle because of my class. I know ret's are good in 5.2 as it is, however, they are lacking still. rogues and warriors for instance, post numbers much higher than rets (WoL will be my source of this information).

I'm just hoping that the 15% bonus we're getting will help me preform with the rest of the DPS classes in heroic content. It's fun, very fun, but right now on live, its lacking to most.
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What content you can push has a lot more to do with your guild than ret compared to whatever you're playing now, unless what you're playing now is one of the specs that eating nerfs for 5.3.
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We will be above average on pretty much every fight.
We are middle of the pack now, little higher, little lower depending.

Ret's aren't as bad as people make them out to be, but they will be very powerful in 5.3

It's somewhere in the neighborhood of an 8% dps increase. We don't need that much of a tune-up.
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Define above average - are we talking still meh, or actually very good?
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...We're not even "meh" now, if played correctly. If you think that, Ret - and perhaps Paladin in general - is probably not for you.
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If you think that, Ret - and perhaps Paladin in general - is probably not for you.

Really if you have to ask the forums the class probably just isn't for you to begin with.
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Really if you have to ask the forums the class probably just isn't for you to begin with.
HISSSSS /catscratch
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still gona be the same since all the other classes r getting some buff but i can be wrong tho
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I have the same doubts of the OP..

I had an awfull experience with Ret Pally way back in BC, forgot how many times ppl told me to go Holy because "Ret is trash and if you want tank a boss as prot, reroll warrior cus you only good at tanking trash"

Got so frustrated that when ive heard about DKs, rerolled on day 1 of Wrath.

But you know..that feeling, i still want to roll a Ret paladin but the memories from BC come back and forth and i realy affraid of doing it again and ppl saying Ret dps is trash and etc.

I know a good few years have passed since then, but this fear still remains. Strong. Mainly because ppl think: "Hey, that dude rolled a hybrid so he may change to tank or heals if we need or if the dps sucks /cheer" Instead of: "That dude rolled a hybrid and what specs he/she want play/enjoy? Did he rolled because of the background of the class? If so, should i understand that and leave him/her alone instead of pissing him/her off until change the specs I want him/her to play?"

Paladins, to me, are only a class with one spec only, except when i go crazy, then i see things like a prot spec, but otherwise, to me, only Ret spec is there, because that's why i want do as paladin. Be a DPS.

So, should i roll another and...see how things go or just stay with this war or roll a rogue, despite the "hate" i have for combo points or stealth.

Sorry for the little rant and long post >.<

P.S: This concerns are mainly for PVE. PvP i dont care.
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Ret now is nothing like it was back in BC. The only thing remotely similar, as far as I recall (never played Ret at cap back then), would be Inquisition in that it has to be reapplied every 30s - but at least none of our offensive abilities consume it like Judgment did Seals.
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Define above average - are we talking still meh, or actually very good?

The comparison of other specs, it should be very competitive, and a much better choice for hardcore guilds.
We will have to wait and see, but it is in a decent spot now, so it will be very good with the buff.
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I'm not sure there are any specs that are anywhere near as bad as Ret was in TBC. This doesn't mean everything is perfect all the time, but discrepancies of that magnitude just plain don't exist in the current PvE game. If you want to play Ret, and you're a reasonably competent player, you'll do reasonably well.

Players tend to massively exaggerate the differences that do exist. "It's not the best, therefore it sucks" and related mistakes.
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Well if it is middle of the pack, it has to suck, right?

Really though, you should play something that is fun to you, and has stability. As far as raiding as a dps is concerned, it really isn't about the dps charts that much.

Unless you are in an absolute hardcore guild atm, it shouldn't make a difference, and even then, I honestly believe that Ret has its place in top progression guilds, but it might not be uncommon to see them actively look for Rets in the near future.

Some things to keep in mind, at the very least for this tier:

Paladins have an immunity, which is always good, and especially good for a few fights.
Raid magic reduction, very good on some encounters, bad on others
Sacrifice is useful for many encounters ( can also be used to dispel magic as Ret now )
Hand of Protection is useful for many encounters
Freedom doesn't have much use, but its still nice
Hand of Purity is extremely potent on the fights it works on, and on a short cd
Potent off-heals with SH
Poison/Disease cleanse
Good mitigation over the course of the fight

Compared to a warrior, I really would rather have the Paladins toolkit. If you want to play Ret, I encourage you to play Ret.
Fury might have good damage, but it is lacking in other areas, areas Ret isn't.
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ret is pretty far from middle of the pack
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Ret Paladins are in a decent state atm. We can compete well in raids. If your putting a top level ret with a mage/lock of equivalent caliber we shouldn't win.(Unless u have the best rng in the world) But this is working as intended. We bring a lot of utility that makes up for it. Aura Mastery, Purity, Sac, Lay on hands, Instant 200k+ Flash heals. You can save many lives with fast reflexes.

Middle of the pack with the patch is a fair assessment. The increase will help us a lot in PVP. And being a pvp hero I am excited about it. But as far as pve goes we are fine as is. I'm not upset with more damage of course : ).
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