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Well I have now made a New guild system or updated my 1st Guild System I've made... the Ranking System guild. In order for me to fully test this I am going to need a few people.... maybe a lot not sure.

(dumb stuff what i think and some stuff about myself)
As we all know 70s dying blah blah blah because of this expansion lots of new things and the pvp res is just dumb. In the next patch PVP Res will be 65%, PVP power gems will be reduced by 50% or w/e. I was Overpowered as hell in Cataclysm criting like 14-23ks and now I can barely crit 12ks on people now.

My guild system will focus more into PVE. My Ranking system guild is where I send you with guild mates to kill a high level Elite or Mob around the world. You cannot kill these elites on your own because I personally picked them and tested them nearly getting my !@# kicked or they've succeeded in doing so. : / In return of completing your mission you will be given >GOLD< and Points. Points is what gets you ranked up in my guild. The more you get ranked up, the more you get paid.

The majority of these Elites or Mobs are level 85 very few are lvl 80. The main areas where we'll travel is Twilight Highlands, Uldum and also some parts of Hyjal and Northrend. Don't be smart thinking you can kill these mobs on your own because these mobs can hit 4-6ks for the harder ones they hit about 7-9ks. The ones where u probably need a raid are the ones where they mostly use spells that hit for 6ks but they rarely use Melee once these mobs use melee they hit for 25-35k Damage.

Many of these mobs have interesting fights and require some team work also I do not allow healers in this missions to kill these mobs because you'll always win. (despite the ones that hit like 30ks LMAO) Point is that i want the dps to heal like Prot/ret paladins for example: as a healer your mana is never going to go down for fighting these mobs. As a dps you worry about a couple things like how much dmg you need to put out, saving your tank or others and saving your mana.

I do love enjoy people dying n i love a challenge........

I do not have to help in these missions. I can go grab one of my other two 70s if you want.

I do not expect the 70s to come as a whole again not like how it was years ago when i was in Mortalitas. We all remain separated : / this is me trying to bring people together just to have a little fun n enjoy the scenery and earn a bit of money if you're poor. Some of you 90s are probably in need of gold and lazy to do something. I have a lot of gold (only about 12k but its a start) and i am willing to give it away but only if you come to me to do these simple missions especially with the new system ive added so you can get paid way more.O_o.
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You go Falric :D
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It has been 2 weeks. I have Recruited over 60 people and another person i have invited have also been recruiting. We now have been Leveling the guild daily currently the guild is level 6. Please join Once this guild reaches a higher level hopefully many of you will consider especially with my Guild System.
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