Sham Resto 513 LF ally raiding guild

90 Goblin Shaman
Hey fellow Dentargs..ians? Horde side raiding is coming to a halt pretty much. So now I am seeing whats up on the alliance side. I have raided 4/12 in throne.

So I am looking for a guild to call home for awhile that raids weekly in latest content (casual or progressive, even tho progressive today is a little different in sense depending on the servers population). I play a resto shaman raid healer ilvl 513. I mostly always heal, I enjoy it the most. Also a community guild would also be cool, something that does more than just, strictly, raid.

Like I said, I am a strong healer hence I have various healing classes. If I rated my healers -- #1 shaman, #2 monk, #3 disc priest (close tie to #2), and haven't healed as a paly or druid at 90, only at 85 for those 2.

I also have a 494 MW monk, 489 Frost DK, and a 494 disc priest. And some 85s paly, druid, mage.

Raid times can be whatever. I graduated college with a 4 year degree which has slowly become useless and now work part-time until I can dig myself out of this hole for a real job. However I do not like late raid times (like 1am server). I live in a cst time zone.

I still prefer the basic roll if need loot system. I understand why guilds have implemented a reward-based system for loot. Yet if you need the gear, roll for it and if you don't then don't roll. If you miss that chance, I am sure you will have another chance. Especially with the bonus roll option.

Contact me if you wish neal121#1647
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Hi there fellow sham. My guild is currently looking for a permanent raider. We have a fairly flexible composition right now but we'd want someone who can swing an off spec ideally. For most 3 heal fights and times when a healer is unable to come I am the swing healer but I do prefer to go elemental, so having another strong healer around would be great. We're 8/12 normal in ToT and still looking to continue progression raiding. If you want to come and try out, our next raid night is tomorrow (Friday night). We start at 10pm eastern and typically end at 12:30am. More info about us on my other recruitment thread. Let me know if you are interested. I actually won't be able to get online in game until 10pm but I can and will check the forum thread if you reply!
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