Is this server really dead?

80 Night Elf Druid
Honest question. I've been away for a while and just came back, and this server seems about 1/8th as full as it was when I left. I haven't made it to the new city in MoP yet, so maybe that is the new hangout place, and Stormwind is just like it was during WotLK... or at least I hope this is the case? I'd really hate to think it's this bad. It would cost me 200$ to transfer all my characters, and I am not paying that. It's just too steep for a game in this bad economy.
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75 Blood Elf Death Knight
I just moved here, and there are realms with a lot less players.

Be nice if we had more but SWC is showing up as med pop atm.
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80 Night Elf Druid
Yeah it says it's medium. Could it be counting characters and accounts that haven't logged on in a year or more? I don't know how the game makes that decision.
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90 Dwarf Rogue
I've been on this sever for a couple years now, and honestly. There are more people now than what I remember. Things in the AH actually sell rather quick. Which is the one problem I have with low pop servers. I don't think we are anywhere near high population. I don't think we're dead yet though.
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90 Goblin Hunter
You cannot base these thing simply on numbers. You also have to look at things like world bosses, world pvp, etc. Unless you get them done on Tuesday when they're reset and everybody is out to get them done? You don't get them done on Steamwheedle Cartel. That should give an idea as to how low the population actually is here: When all the raiders and pvpers have kill the WB's on the first day, and you can't get another group for the rest of the week?

Last summer the population was twice as high, doing a /who of Orgrimmar during prime time hours for gaming yields a list of only 20-30ish players. This server "needs" to have transfers opened up, or it needs to be merged with another lower-end population server.
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80 Night Elf Druid
I remember SWC being full of life. During WotLK, it was at its peak, I think, but even during Cataclysm, Stormwind was a very happening place. Now, I'm lucky if I see more than two people. Also, the guild I was in, it's still there. Has over 600 members, and none of them ever log on. I think they're simply gone, and they're not coming back. Part of the problem, obviously. Mass exodus? Or has WoW finally sunk so low? What was so bad about MoP? I actually like the monk class and the new areas. I don't get it.
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90 Draenei Priest
Just think of it this way....
How many times a week, nevermind a night, do you see in general/trade: "LFM ToT"
During DS, I raided on my alts outside the guild frequently. Granted Ds lasted longer then it should have, but still, I think I have REAL clears on 7 toons back then.

Even during the first days of Panda, you could find pugs for MSV...on a rare night HOF.

How about now?
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90 Draenei Shaman
Horde side has quite a bit more activity than does Alliance side (which is sad, because horde side is dead too). Alliance side is the slowest I've seen since I've been playing on this server (2006).
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Former swc player here (didn't help swc's problem obviously. heh)

SwC does still have a decent amount of people., hence the median pop. However, you guys don't have many raiders anymore. Horde has four raiding guilds that are all filled up and the only good one raids four nights a week. What's interesting is that every time I check, it's always the same players who've been raiding in that guild forever. The server gets very little new blood interested (partly because potential raiders can't find a raiding guild and partly because of low interest).
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90 Tauren Druid
Regrettably, SWC has been in the decline for many years.

As of Sunday myself and a handful of other CBC members transferred off SWC to Zul'jin. There are world boss kills every time they respawn on days like sunday and monday day/noon/nights as I witnessed. The AH is loaded with gems and armor kits that you need and Orgrimmar is bustling with crowds of players. And the LFM spam in tradechat for ToT and need for Tank/Healers/DPS for H.Scenarios is constant.

After almost 5 years on SWC... it's painful to actually see what sort of decline this once great RP server is in and just how much greener the grass is on the other side.
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61 Night Elf Death Knight
Its a shame, this use to be one of my first RP realms to play on when I first played WoW...
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86 Orc Warrior
I know the feeling... I just dropped in here to see if anything was actually happening in my old server, and it looks like nothing at all. Shoot, I remember when I rolled a character day one on the server(and of the server) and had to fight over who kills the dang scorpids in the Valley of Trials. I don't guess any old Ordo Draconis members are still lurking around, are there?
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90 Human Death Knight
Talent left this server really fast, as fast as possible, with a few exceptions.

until the end of cata. then we all quit the game
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100 Undead Rogue
A lot of the raiders, and rpers have moved elsewhere. That being said, there still are people around who are happy to raid and rp. This server use to be amazing.
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90 Human Priest
Yes its dead most here play half hill farm and love doing it. lame that is why i left
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90 Draenei Priest
Yes its dead most here play half hill farm and love doing it. lame that is why i left

This and they like to protect all the mailboxes of the realm.

However there are still some raiding guilds left here.
If you not raiding, you should be active and seek them out.

Summer is slow already, which makes it even worse on SWC.

Go go Virtual Realms.
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80 Night Elf Death Knight
I was wondering the same thing. I came back after about two years away and saw that not only has everything changed, but my friend list is empty. :/

<3 Banshih!
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45 Pandaren Warrior
Let me give you a September 18th 2013 update my good sir/ma'am.

I can't speak for the Horde. 1. I'm Alliance 2. I'm yet to see anyone from the opposite faction running around.

I'm sure there is roleplaying here. I don't doubt it's existence. But GOSH DANG IT. Where can it be found? No where.
I ask questions in General/Trade/Whatever. Nothing. There is no communication here at all.

I've been in 6 high end guilds so far. 300 + guilds. You know those kind of guilds that have a fart load of members but don't talk? The ones that randomly recruit you with a lazy guild invite spam and scripted copy and paste whispers explaining how "social" and "active" they are? Then it turns out they are just a bunch of mindless robots with no human interaction skills.

As for people out and about? Goldshire seems to be a place for people. Give or take 6 people are there at a time. Most of them from our CRZ buddies - (The Scryers and Sentinels). Stormwind. Like I said. There is no point in having a Trade/General chatbox. Since no one talks. So far. I've noticed the maximum amount of players in Stormwind EVER are.. around 10? Maybe.

Bright side. The people are friendly when you do come across someone. I was literally shocked and excited when I simply typed "I love you" in /1 and I immediately got a whisper from someone and we had an interesting conversation (No it wasn't ERP you pervs). I actually for once felt like I was playing an MMO.
Also a lot of new players I've noticed are running around. I say new players cause they don't have heirlooms. But... who's to say.

You'll probably say, "Well Muz, why don't you leave the server and join a high pop fail server like Wyrm, Moon or Earthen?"

Well. You simpleton. I like the name of this server and it happens to be the same time zone as my current location.

In the end, I like this server (true reasons unexplained). I played on it during Wrath. It was alright then. Massively worse now. -shrugs-

That's my server update. If anything drastically changes from now til whenever. I'll make a thread about it.
(Not that anyone checks these forums regularly enough to care for that matter)

- Muz

PS: If anyone hasn't already figured it out or are curious. I've done some research on what RP realms are connected through CRZ.

CRZ group 1: Earthen Ring, Argent Dawn & Kirin Tor.
CRZ group 2: Scarlette Crusade, Silver Hand, Shadow Council, Thorium Brotherhood & Feathermoon.
CRZ group 3 (That's us! :D): Steamweewee, The Scryers & Sentinels.
CRZ group 4: EVERYONE ELSE. Stupid right? Why the hell would Blizzard even consider grouping Moon and Wrym with 6 other medium RP realms? Honestly. Wrym and Moon should be on their own. The servers are big enough as it is. MG spiking at Full during peak hours.


- Muz...
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60 Night Elf Mage
Hello, I made a character here because I like a quiet server. I am an rper, but I grew tired of MG. I just wanted to find a nice quiet place. Guess I found it. Would be nice to find a few more rpers. Nice ones, not the kind who want to kill you or do insane or silly things that make no sense.

I like to immerse myself in the game and become the character. To develop a feeling of being one of the people who live here. I am hoping to find a couple more people who want to enjoy this kind of rp.
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48 Undead Mage
Yeah, here's for the memory of the good times we had on swc. Good times, but gone :(
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