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90 Human Monk
Basic Information: Read Before Posting
This thread is here to enable both individual raiders and guilds of both factions to find interested raiders for any semi-current to current content (ie. Tier 14 and Tier 15) for various times. Please note, however, that not all people listed here will always be available nor will they always be reachable, and this is but a single resource to utilize. If you choose to take interest in one or more individuals listed here, please contact them directly and NOT ON THIS THREAD.

Raiders: More information may be found in specific posts.
[F][ -- Name -- ][ - -- Class -- - ][ilvl][ T14 ][ T15 ][ -- - Times - -- ]
A Aurilíte Shaman, Resto 504 3/16h 9/12n Thu-Sun: 8pm+
A Keirse Hunter, Survival 489 3/16h 1/13h Mon-Thr: 8pm+
A Lampetiá Monk, Mistweaver 486 10/16h 2/13h Sun-Wed: 8pm+
A Nymphomatic Warlock, Destro 492 3/16h 5/12n Mon-Thr: Any
A Roxashearts Warlock, Afflic 496 5/16h 3/12n Wed/Fri: 8pm+
Sat/Sun: 11:30pm+
A Runeshear DK, 2h Frost 500 9/16n 1/12n Thr/Sat: Any

Overflow info will appear on the line below main entry.

Please try to keep this thread tidy and post the requested information or significant updates to said information. Significant updates include changes in times available, change of character name, change in ilvl greater than or equal to 5 ilvl (please check the first post before doing so, for I may have chosen to update the info on my own), or boss kills greater than or equal to two more than are currently listed.

Example Form
An example form may be found below; in the experience sections, include your total experience across all characters, with 'n' being the number of kills in each tier and 'm' being the mode ('n' = Normal, 'h' = Heroic; LFR will not be counted for the purpose of this thread). Include any significant alts, ie. alts who have raided content higher than your posting content or where you may be most often found. Try to have all times be Eastern Time (our server is an East Coast server).

Character: Character Name (Armory link)
Class, Role (ilvl): Spec Class, Role (Item level)
Experience (T14): n/16m ('m' defines mode; 'h' = Heroic, 'n' = Normal) (Extra notes)
Experience (T15): n/12m (or n/13h, if applicable) (Extra notes)
Availability: Dates and times you are willing to raid (ie. Mon-Fri: 8pm+)
Contact Info: BattleTag
Significant Alts: Some main/Another alt
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90 Human Monk
Reserved. Guild post.

I will make this post at my leisure or when a guild asks me to make it so they may post information.
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90 Human Monk
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90 Human Monk
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90 Human Monk
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90 Human Monk
Posts from initial thread.

Character: Keirse ( )
Class, Role (ilvl): Survival Hunter, Ranged DPS (489)
Experience (T14): 3/16h (Pulls on Heroic Elegon)
Experience (T15): 11/12n + 1/13h (Pulls on 12/12n, 2/13h + 4/13h)
Availability: Not Friday - Sunday; Not before 8pm EST.
Contact Info: Isese#1849
Significant Alts: Isesé - Ravenholdt/Shiá - Dentarg

Character: Nymphomatic ( )
Class, Role (ilvl): Destro Lock, Ranged DPS (492)
Experience (T14): 3/16h (Pulls on Heroic Elegon)
Experience (T15): 5/12n (Pulls on 6/12n)
Availability: Not Friday - Sunday
Contact Info: Twiztidaxe#1531
Significant Alts: Nymphomatic/Evilspawn
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90 Troll Mage
Sticky Requested

Character: Lampetiá
Class, Role (ilvl): Mw monk, healer(i486)
Experience (T14): 10/16h (Dps not a healer)
Experience (T15): 2/12h (or 2/13h (Dps not a healer)
Availability: Sun-Wed: 8pm+
Contact Info: Btag: Rain#1229
Significant Alts: None else than this one
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90 Worgen Warlock
Character: Roxashearts
Class, Role (ilvl): Afficition Warlock, DPS(i496)
Experience (T14): 12/16m (On my shaman I'm 15/16m and 5/16h )
Experience (T15): 1/12m (On my shaman I'm 3/12m)
Availability: Wednesday and Friday 8pm+ and Saturday and Sunday 11:30pm+
Contact Info: Battletag: Kairi#1891
Significant Alts: Main: Shaman Kairihearts
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90 Draenei Shaman
Character: Aurilíte
Class, Role (ilvl): Restoration Shaman, Healer (504)
Experience (T14): 3/16h
Experience (T15): 9/12n
Availability: Thursday-Sunday 8PM+
Contact Info: BattleTag - Auri#1692
Significant Alts: Tiríel, Shardík
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90 Draenei Death Knight
DK, Frost 2H Dps, ilvl 500
Experience (T14): 9/16n, whatever i could jump in on in my horde guild, i know all fights.
Experience (T15): 1/12n, again on horde.
Availability: Thurs and Sat, all day
Contact Info: Iskalla#1472
Significant Alts: Iskalla, my main. Destro/Demo lock.
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Character: Roybob
Class, Role, (ilvl): Rogue,Dps,499
Experience (T14): 16/16n
Experience (T15): 1/13h
Availability: Wed,Thur after 6pm Sat,Sun anytime.
Contact Info: Roybob#1652
Significant Alts: Raybab
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