Bad Wolf 10/12 (10m) Recruiting

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Greetings, Shadowmoon! As a brief introduction to who we are and why we are here:

We are a 10 man casual guild from Detheroc with a strong history of hard mode content... before our server population got too low for anyone to recruit. To give you some idea, Wowprogress has ol Droc at 911 characters listed to your 5,134. It's probably closer to half that now, as other guilds have left server this tier. We didn't want to merge and we didn't want to go to a high pop realm, so here we are!

For those of you wanting to know more:

Bad Wolf was formed for one simple reason: raiding with people you would rather have on ignore is a really terrible way to enjoy a hobby. Many of us had met over the years in various high end guilds- guilds we watched die because of drama and bad management. We gathered together in the last weeks of Wrath for a more casual.. and more enjoyable raiding experience.

* We raid Tues-Thurs 8-11pm est
* We require everyone to be at least 18 years of age.
* Raiders are responsible for bringing their own consumables and looking up strats ahead of time.
* At least 80% attendance required. High attendance players are rewarded with mounts, increased repairs, BOEs for alts, etc.
* We do not allow bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc) and have no tolerance for drama. Problem players are removed quickly and without sorrow.
* We laugh and have a good time during raid, but when wipes happen it is time to focus. If someone is being a disturbance, they will be sat. If it becomes a serious habit, they will be removed from the raid team.
* We do not allow raiders to police their own as it only leads to drama and chaos during raid. If people have questions, suggestions or criticisms, talk to an officer. We are more than happy to call people out for standing in fire so that you can concentrate on doing your job.

Our raid history in a nutshell:
T11 - 4/12 HM (started late as we give ppl several weeks to level)
T12 - 6/7 HM (it became impossible to recruit about midway through FL due to server pop)
T13 - 8/8 HM (every raider on the raid team got the DW mount)
T14 - 2/6 HM 6/6 4/4 (started late again due to leveling. Our bench more or less retired over kung-fu pandas)
T15- 4/12 prior to transfer, 10/12 after two weeks at a full roster.

Recruitment is currently open so we can have a full and healthy bench for when people need a night off. Any class, any spec- if you can avoid standing in fire and aren't a dysfunctional human being, please consider putting in an application with us at . If you have any questions, feel free to contact an officer in game.
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Bump for an amazing group of people! I was the GM of an Alliance guild NI on Detheroc, and can vouch that this group is a wonderful community of players. In fact, if it weren't for most of our members wanting to be alliance (ALLIANCE FOREVER) we would likely have merged with them a long time ago. They're very meticulous about who they recruit, because they want people who are good players, warm personalities, and don't tend to give in to trollery. They hold themselves in high regard, and they've earned it, and I would definitely recommend them to any players who are looking for a good home and want a guild that is fair and welcoming. In short, you guys are lucky to have them on your server!
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Update: specifically seeking one more tank for our roster. Qualified dps and healers will still be considered :)
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Specifically seeking one tank, one healer and a ranged dps (Mage, hunter or boomy preferred) to round out the roster.
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is your guild name a doctor who reference? =D
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Yes. Yes it is. <3
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