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90 Pandaren Monk
hey there i just switched from my priest(played both disc and holy) to this monk to help our 25 man raid comp fill out better. i know this sounds silly but i feel like im not getting as much as i should be for healing output. on average im doing around 50-60k, but i feel as if i should be doing more. i will link a log at the bottom. i am not sure maybes is the crap 450 MH ive been using(hit 90 2 weeks ago) or that im not properly utilizing chi torpedo or im using soothing mist to much, but does anyone have any advice how to maximize monk healing. though i am raiding casually(sorta) now i use to do hardcore raiding(multiple world top 10s as dps and as healing) so feel free to go as cut throat on me as you feel.

log from TOT clear
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90 Pandaren Monk
Just looking at your armory, Your haste is way too high for your current breakpoint.
Either go for 6141 or drop haste down to 3145. Your spirit is also way to high and you're not fully gemmed/enchanted correctly.

On Iron Qon (a very strong mistweaver fight) you only used renewing mist 74 out of 87 possible times. Your chi torpedo is extremely low, you missed 1 chi brew which is not that bad.

Other than that, don't be afraid to use soothing for chi a lot. It is our primary chi generator.

Helpful tips, try to use chi torpedo with at least 2 charges and using it between GCD's (since it's off the GCD)
Also you can mash soothing mist for extra chi
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90 Troll Shaman
First off - The only player that is standing out in these logs is your paladin. Not sure what differences there are in gear. Either way, with overheal at 45-60% on pretty much everything you can't compare to a disc preist who is leet with their SSh or a hpally who's smart enough to start gemming mastery the moment they have enough mana to get through the encounters.

Second - It's like you never even speced into your lvl90 talents. On durumu there is no white tiger eminence-through the maze healing. On Iron Qon kill you did a massive 1 chi torpedo the entire kill.

Third - Having a bad weapon will destroy your healing output by a good 10-15% at the level you are talking about. Also, go farm some dungeons for JP, convert it to honor so you can buy a 476 pvp belt (or get the rep with the isle of thunder daily people and just buy one for gold).

Go to your armory page for your toon, select advance, scroll down a little and you'll see character audit. Also, look up what the haste breakpoints you should have are... if you go to mmo champ's monk forums the MWer guide there has the breakpoints. Being over a breakpoint is VERY bad as it totally breaks your TFT.
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90 Troll Druid
I don't raid 25 man but 7 healers seems like overkill. 3 of them are absorb classes so if you have more healers then is necessary for the fight your numbers are going to be suppressed. I don't know mistweavers that well, mine is only 89 but suplift has provided some sound advice. Maybe re-gem/re-enchant for the right breakpoint and maybe try get your raid leader to have a healer or to switch to dps.
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