Tanks Are Not As Easy As They Seem To Be

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I can't be bothered reading every derped out reply, but here's my $0.02. Carrying a tank in LFR on any fight not forcing a 2 tank mechanic is easy. Sure that might mean that being a tank is easy because you can be carried.

Being a *good* tank is much harder than being a good DPS though, because you have to watch everyone, everything, and correct for those tunnel-visioned damned DPS who aren't paying attention.

Carrying bad people as a tank is the least appreciated of roles.

That's not really a good way to look at it, though. I mean, by that logic, being a healer is harder than being a tank because you have to heal people who apparently only use active mitigation via typing /cast Blackout Kick. And they are typing one handed. And their keyboard apparently scrambles every 5 seconds. And it's in another room.

My point is that if you want to argue that tanking is harder or easier than another role, you have to assume a baseline level of competence for those in the other roles or it all falls apart:

Being a healer is so hard because I have to heal bad tanks.
Being a dps is so hard because I have to make up for dps who stand in fire.
Being a tank is so hard because I have to selfheal to make up for bad healers.

Situational awareness is important, and you are right in that an aware tank can help the raid. But what about a priest with Leap of Faith or Angelic Feather/Body and Soul or a Pally with a Hand of Whichever Applies Here? Basically, if you have people doing stupid things in the raid, it's not your job to counter that. It's their job to not do stupid things. Your jobs are:

Holding hate
Staying alive
Mob positioning
Interrupts/Strat specific jobs
DPS/Minimizing damage intake

Any utility you provide beyond these is just that: utility. It makes you a more valuable player, not a better tank.
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My point is that if you want to argue that tanking is harder or easier than another role, you have to assume a baseline level of competence for those in the other roles or it all falls apart:

Well spoken throughout your post. I shared a similar view a few before this.
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I'm with Demo on this one.

Most fights, tanking is considerably easier than DPSing. It's just more noticeable when the tank !@#$s up.


Everyone must do their jobs, but if the tanks do something as simple as miss a taunt or turn a mob the wrong way or don't time cooldowns properly or what have you, it can have immediate and dire effects for the whole raid. Not nearly as bad if a few dps fudge up their rotations for a few seconds, but that doesn't necessarily mean tanks are more difficult to play. Just a higher pressure environment when you're only 1 of 2, or are by yourself performing a critical role. Just my opinion.
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Saying x role is harder than y role isn't something you can really say. Each role (Tank, DPS, Healer) have their own things they have to do to maximize how effective they can be.

I healed in vanilla on a holy pally, and I can say healing BWL could get very frantic at times, and you had to always be on your game.

Came back in MoP, and started tanking with some of the experience I had on my tank alt from vanilla. Tanking is a lot more interactive than it used to be. As people have said, a mediocre tank and the raid can push through it assuming you have good heals, and good dps.

Learning to tank effectively and have raid awareness, watch stacks on other tank if they're not calling it out, taunt swapping, personal and raid cds at the right times is what will really start to separate tanks apart. You'll notice a difference between so/so tanks, and tanks that are seasoned and know what they're doing.

DPS have to watch out for some mechanics us tanks don't have to deal with. They need to keep a good rotation/priority going, watch for certain procs to use trinkets to maximize their dps.

Every single role brings its own special thing to the table, requires a certain skill to master. It all comes down to how competent the player is, and not the class they decide to roll.

As I previously said, you can't compare a tank to a dps to a healer, just for the fact, their roles are different. I don't compare apples to oranges, so you shouldn't compare your class to the others.
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