*****Sign-up/Info for Server Pugs********

90 Draenei Priest
Server Pug Details

Hello everyone! This is the thread containing details about our upcoming server pugs. For more information as to why this is happening, please see my other thread about the state of Norgannon raiding.

Here is the general info:

Who: GMs, officers, and raiders from many of the top alliance guilds on the server are banding together in order to bring back server-wide pugs.

What: We will be pugging prior tier content for now, mostly HoF and ToES. We plan on starting with a 25 man raid the first week.

Why: We are doing this in an attempt to facilitate easier recruitment within the top guilds, create an environment where we encourage and teach new raiders how to raid, and generally are looking to have fun with people from other guilds. Those people who are looking for a raiding guild or to start raiding for the first time will be given priority on spots after we have enough experienced raiders in the group to be able to clear content. Again, the primary point of these runs is to recruit and train a new raider-base.

When: I would like for this first run to take place on SATURDAY, JUNE 1ST. We are currently trying to decide between holding the run in the late afternoon (around 5-6 server) or in the evening (8-9pm) Also, if we find that we have a smaller (or larger) number than 25, we may split up into several raids.

How to Sign Up: The first week we will do sign-ups on this thread. Myself or another GM who is handling that raid will send out calendar invites to anybody who signs up here. Anybody who is interested in participating should post their information in this thread. We plan on balancing the raid between those who know/have cleared the content and those who have not, so it is important that we have accurate information for each player. Your post should look something like this.

Name: Cassandrae
Spec: Shadow with a poop disc off-spec
Raid Experience: I am GM of a raiding guild and did 6/16 heroic during last tier
I want to attend this raid because: I am trying to help the playerbase/raiding on Norgannon
For the first raid, post which time works better for you- late afternoon or early evening on Saturday.

Expectations: This is the important part. I am NOT looking to teach every person on Norgannon how to play their class. (There is a difference between not knowing your class and not being experienced at raiding) I am not looking to hold people's hands, and neither are the other GMs that are attending. We expect that:
1- People show up in ilevel appropriate gear (minimum 470 for HoF/Toes)
2- You are fully gemmed and enchanted in a proper way for your class
3- If you have never done the fights before that you have read the dungeon journal and/or seen them in LFR or watched a video
4- You are online 15 minutes early before the raid for invites. Anybody who signs up for a raid and no-shows will go to the bottom of the priority list for future raids.
5- That you bring proper consumables (flasks/potions). Feasts will be provided.
6- That you have Ventrillo installed and have a working mic.
7- That you do not afk excessively during the raid. We will be taking a break mid-raid for those who need to afk.
8- That you do not troll, intentionally wipe the raid, or do things to interrupt/interfere with the raid. If you do, you will be kicked.
9- That you know the basics of your class
10- Loot will be typical MS before OS before DE/x-mog. Shards, patterns, etc, will be rolled on.

*The above expectations are the minimum requirements for someone who wants to start raiding. We are looking for people who are looking for raid groups, who want to learn to raid and are willing to put in the effort, and those who want to improve the server. We are not looking to waste our time with people who don't really care and aren't going to try.

The people who are actively looking for a guild to raid with will be able to chat with officers/GMs of various guilds both on break and after the raid. This will be a great opportunity for people to network and meet new people. There will be representatives there from casual guilds and more serious guilds, so there should be a good fit for almost anyone who comes.

If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me in game or post them here.
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90 Draenei Priest
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Name: Xiae
Spec: Ele/resto both specs are viable ilvl 500+

Name: Jiae
Spec: SV hunter ilvl 490+ (just in case I'm locked for some reason)

Raid Experience: Been raiding since BC and have been on Norg for a couple of years. Started raid leading in DS in Cata and continued on in this xpac. I have some heroic exp through KMS which I also raid with.

Fridays and Saturdays are generally just bad for me on a regular basis. Friday evenings might work better. I'll help out when I can though!
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90 Draenei Priest
Also: Anybody who is interested in participating in the above raid but Saturdays don't work for you, please post here when a good time would be for you to raid. The first raid will be held that Saturday but we are not opposed to having raids on other days to accomodate more people.
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91 Draenei Priest
Name: Hadorya
Spec: Disc/Shadow

Name: Navane
Spec: Blood tank

Raid Experience: I have been raiding since BC and have been on Norg for the whole of my raiding. I have raid lead in the back and still do from time to time. I took over as GM for the Clique in Cata. I have heroic xp in Dragon Soul and some in MSV. Im also realy into achievments.

Fridays and Saterdays don't normaly work for me till about 12 am server since I close at work. I would be into helping out how ever I can. Just let me know.
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90 Human Priest
Name: DylanLee
Spec: Shadow with Disc Offspec

Name: Kìrito
Spec: Resto with Boomy offspec, though may change to bear offspec.

Raid Experience: 2/8 HDS, 16/16 Normal 2/16H from 5.0, 9/12 ToT.

I will be willing to help out with MSV/HoF/ToeS on either toon, and with ToT, when that time comes, on my druid, whenever I can. I do have a job, however, so I can't, unfortunately, dedicate a set time/date to it; I do know, however, I would be unable to come on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights from 8:30-11:00, with any other day depending on my work schedule(I can ask off for the first day, June 1st if we do it that day, I like having weekends off anyway).
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100 Draenei Paladin
Beginner here

Name: Dalles

Ilevl: 485

Spec: Ret ,dropping Holy offspec for Prot,so just Ret

Raid experience: I started playing last August with my grandsons , my only raid experience is soloing Wotlk raids and 2 manning some Cata content. Total noob about raiding ,but I take direction well and no one will try harder. I have alchemist/enchanter/jc and scribe and am willing to help others out on our server even if there is no spot for me(yet).
Edited by Dalles on 5/18/2013 12:15 AM PDT
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Name: Deltoramasta (Mage)
Spec: I play any of them. (521 ilvl)

Name: Ihavetotems (Shammy)
Spec: Enhancement (500 ilvl)

Name: Cashforcold (Mage)
Spec: Frost (493 ilvl)

Raid experience: Been playing since Vanilla, a Norgannon-ie my whole career, and I wish to help the server's new faces learn the lovely atmosphere of raiding. I have cleared all the way up until ToT.

I only have dps characters, because thats all i am good at. Any day is good for me, except tuesday and sunday nights.
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Juliano (Priest)
Discipline (489)

Julíano (Shaman)
Restoration (499)

Juliáno (Druid)
Restoration (509)

I'm a catababy who raided DS and MV/HOF/TOES.
I have an uncharacteristic desire to help people this patch.
I can only play a healer competently.
I can raid whenever.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Yuli - Priest
510 Disc/506 Shadow

Dulciena - Death Knight
507 Blood / 490 Frost

Arena - Rogue
495 Assassination

Fuzzy - Priest
485 Disc/Shadow

Catababy here. Started on BWD and has raided every tier since.
Unable to go at 10pm server or later on Friday/Saturday.

Reason for wanting to come is because I enjoy helping out as much as I can, even though I tend to keep to myself in game. I've also never done 25man outside LFR so it'd be a new experience for me.
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100 Human Warrior
Coldheal - Priest
513 Shadow

Raid experience: Raided since Burning Crusade. Got many bosses down in cataclysm and wrath in heroic down, including Dragon Soul. Cleared all of Tier 14 with a few heroic bosses.

Late afternoon would be a challenge depending on real life circumstances. Evenings won't be too much of an issue though.
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100 Draenei Warrior
510 fury warrior
availability anytime
full clear of msv
3 of 6 hof
6of 7 heroic DS
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90 Draenei Priest
Also would like to note... for any of the people who want to come, if you are looking for a raiding guild, please include it in your post. Thanks.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Name: Wilfried
Ilvl: 473 as of 19.5.13 @17:30
Exp: 8/8 H DS, 7/7 H FL, 4/4 ToES, 6/6 HoF, 6/6 MSV on my paladin on horde with Disputed (Norgannon)
I am interested in a raiding guild at a later time once my gear and skill with this specific toon is proficient enough to be viable in up-to-date-content.
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wauldo ele shaman ilvl476

sghettii arcane mage ilvl469

caolli shadow priest ilvl469

My main toon is cooperstown. I have done most of the raids that the game has to offer. I love to learn and there are many points on this game that I do need to learn
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90 Human Paladin
Teehpaladin 485 prot, 491 holy

Çütêr 491 resto

çraçkshot 485 surv

fèàthèr 480 Brew master

I just want to raid, hit me up.
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100 Draenei Hunter
Name: Dahuntres
iLevel: 500
Spec: Survival/Beastmaster
Experience: Previous Expac Raids (anywhere from 2 -5 nights), only LFR this expac.
Time: Saturday's after 3pm server.

I am interested in experiencing raids of this expac, looking for more guild members to build 10 man raid team, and to share what knowledge that I have about the game.

Also, if you need a dps for other days or nights of the week just let me know as I have other level 90 toons (some need gear upgrades though).

Edited by Dahuntres on 5/20/2013 8:00 AM PDT
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92 Pandaren Monk
Name: ßeatrice
Spec Destro/Affli lock, ilvl 497,
raiding: I currently raid with The Clique as a Monk healer, and thanks to Cass who has taught me so much about being a gd raider, and also puts up with my many alts.
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90 Human Hunter
Name: Jäsoñ
Spec: Survival, ilvl 512
Raid Experience: 16/16 normal prior content, 1/12 ToT

Interested in joining a guild that raids ToT weekly and has an open dps slot in their core team since my current guild no longer raids.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Name: Båndit
Spec: Beastmastery/Survival 506

Name: Champanepapi
Spec: Discipline 486

Raid Experience, Have been raiding since late BC, currently 4/16 H t14 and 7/12 ToT.

Can raid Mondays and Thursdays all the time, and sometimes Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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