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90 Dwarf Death Knight
Name: WillingDead "Death Knight"
Spec: Blood 499

Raid Experience: For panda land, i done all LFR. also i have done 6/6 MSV 10 man reg, 2/6 HOF 10 man

Reason i want to come is to better myself, i want to know more so that i can help out more in my guild to down the raids,
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100 Human Mage
Name: Myrlyr
Spec: Frost

Raid Experience: 6/6 MSV (mostly one shotted in a raid at the beginning of the month/ 4/6 HoF, 1/13 ToT. Xferred from Stormrage to play with RL friends in current guild. Former Cata Raid leader 8/8 Ds, 2/8 HDS.

Reason: Now that i'm actively raiding late in the content i've become interested in the realms status as a whole. The team i'm with are all raid vets and friends so you can forget trying to recruit me. But i think if i can lend a hand to the rest of you, i should and could.

Currently working on Hof progression, and need to be open for terrace and ToT.
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90 Human Paladin
Willing to help out in w/e capacity. Since this is T14/norm I'd prefer to use an alt:

Saduj (mistweaver monk, should be 490-500ish by next week)
Apoio (disc priest, 480-something at the moment)

Experience: Leader of <Echelon>, currently 9/13H ToT.

Reason: 60% altruism and 40% because I <3 alt runs.

Whatever time Saturday works for me, although we sometimes have a main raid those nights.

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90 Dwarf Paladin
Name: Cyloria
Spec: Holy (502 as of 5/27/13)

Raid Experience: Been raiding as healer since TBC. Recently reactivated after an extended hiatus from Firelands onward until a couple weeks ago. MoP experience is 6/6 HoF (3/6 heroic) and 4/12 ToT.

I want to attend this raid because: I'm a raider at heart and I'm looking to get back into the swing of things.

Schedule preference: I cannot attend afternoon raids on Saturdays due to RL obligations; evening is my only option.
Edited by Cyloria on 5/27/2013 6:42 AM PDT
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100 Human Death Knight
Edited by Stoutinator on 6/8/2015 8:51 PM PDT
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90 Human Paladin
Name: Mpngood
Spec: Ret/Holy
Raid Experience: Been raiding Since End game Lich king Have done normal Msv till elegon and some of Hof.
I want to attend this raid because: I really enjoy raiding and want to contribute to norgannon raiding.

Name: Voodoostorm
Spec: Resto

Name: Whattheheall
Spec: Feral

Name: Gooddk
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I would be able to as DPS or tank.
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7 Blood Elf Mage
this is skinnzer would like to attend the 25man run tank/dps whatever is needed
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
Name: Astue
DK Tank

Name: Doc
Disc Priest

Name: Rinex
wanna be druid healer

I have been on Norgannon since vanilla and raiding since Everquest :)
Edited by Astue on 5/25/2013 8:36 PM PDT
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90 Draenei Priest
Guys, this is awesome. I am super excited that we have this many people that want to pull together and improve Norgannon raiding. At this point it's looking like we will have more than one raid next Saturday. I think I'm going to have the raid in the early evening, around 8:30, to maximize the amount of people who can go. If 8:30 doesn't work for people let me know. Invites will be going out Tuesday once I have a full/accurate headcount.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Name: Shamrise
Spec :Resto 520 ILVL

Raid EXP MSV 6/6-1/6 H
HOF 6/6
TOES 4/4
TOT 12/12

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100 Night Elf Druid
Name: Tamand (Druid)
Spec: 506 resto/496 boomie (suck at boomie =P)
Raid XP: I think Cass knows better than me but something like...
raiding since BC, currently completed normal t14, 2/6 H MV, 3/12 ToT

Name: Laileenh (Shaman)
Spec: 505 resto/489 ele

Name:Lieloo (Monk)
Spec: 491 Windwalker <dps>/working on healer spec

Able to be at raid on 6/1 Fri night. Willing to fill in on a weekly basis as needed depending on work schedule which is constantly changing (night shift RN).
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90 Tauren Paladin
Update on Wilfried: 485 ilvl as of 26 May.
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90 Human Paladin
Name Healsplz
Spec: Protection/Retribution 500

Raid Exp: I barely started raiding this expansion, But if giving the chance I can learn the fights and better myself at raiding.

I can raid every day of the week except Wednesdays.
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90 Human Priest
Name: Ei
Spec: Discipline / Shadow
Gear: Between 524 to 530 ilvl depending on encounter requirements.

Raid Experience: Heroic.

Availability: Non raid nights. Late night on weekends. Early / mid day on weekends. Early notice ensures best results.

Posting here to sign up for the Saturday HoF 25.
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90 Human Warlock
Name: Ayaliss
Spec: aff/destro
Gear: 531 ilvl

Raid XP: 15/16H T14, 10/13H T15

Availability: variable, but almost always available before 8pm. evenings depend on raid schedule for the week.

signing up for Jun 1, non-raid day.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Name: Séregon
Spec: BM/SV
Raid Experience: Significant prior raiding. Currently just doing casual. I'm 508ilvl. More than proficient at my class and raid mechanics. If heals are needed, I have a Holy Pally, VonSalza, that is ilvl 500.
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Name: Mosca (just server transfered)
Spec: Windwalker
Raid Experience: I have been raiding since Burning Crusade off and on with some Heroic Experience. Took a short break from the game now back looking to raid
Early evening works better for me
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100 Draenei Hunter
Name: Avvara 514 Surv Hunter
Amarilisa 514 Resto shaman
Guild: Remains of the Fallen /Clan MacLeod
Raid Experience : I just started raiding recently, would be interested in joining the pug group. Available Saturday evenings.
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90 Human Paladin
Name: Imtank 502 Prot/ 475 Holy Herjarmore 485 Bear

Raid Experience: 5/6 MSV 2/6 HOF

I'd like to get back into raiding and have more exp with raids.
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