I find myself once again in need of a raid group for Throne of Thunder normal. I would highly prefer a group that has already killed Horridon.

  • Primary Spec: Protection, ilevel 508
  • Secondary Spec: Fury, ilevel 502
  • Experience: 3/12 as Protection
  • Raid Availability: Start time must be past 6pm server time, end time no later than 12pm server time, will not raid 3 days in a row.
  • What you get: A warrior that will be 100% ready to go by the specified raid start time every night or a good explanation why I can not make it that night long before the raid starts. Flasks, food, and repairs will not need to be provided at all.

  • Please note: I will not stay in any raid group that cancels more than half of their raid nights or consistently starts very late due to players not being ready by the start time of the raid. Being ready means inside the instance, buffed, and ready to pull trash at raid start. I do not appreciate the raid's time wasted because a player need enchants, flasks, reforging, or wants to finish something on an alt first.