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90 Orc Shaman
Stemming from the GM summit that we previously had. Please post your guild's alts / mains (465+ ilvl) and their respective raid availability outside of your guild's current raid times.

The purpose of this is to bring together any players who's alts have no current raid teams or mains who's raids have all but grown apart. With the information I build here, I can build the raid teams out of all the players who would agree to sign-up and cooperate with me. I can raid lead 5.1 content and start working towards normal 5.2 content, all I ask for is that all the players we are bringing are fully gemmed, properly reforged (hell, use askmrrobot to start instead of sim-ing), flasked, practice pre-potting, and being able to listen and execute to what is asked of you

Alliance raid leader needed for Alliance raids.

Information for myself:

I need exact availability - not "anytime"

Malfest - Protection Paladin (ilvl 498)
Free for alt raids: Friday, Saturday 8:00 PM PST - 12:00 PM PST
Fun fact: I like balanced raids.

Raid Teams:
Horde Friday/Saturday @ 8:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST - Team Cairne
Tank: Malfest (Protection Paladin)
Tank: Arrayn [Loche] (Blood Death Knight)
DPS (r)/Healer
DPS (m): Laulis [Corma] (Combat Rogue)
DPS (m): Aleoholic (Windwalker Monk)
DPS (r): Devotion (Shadow Priest)
DPS (r): Szi [Aerinn] (Fire Mage)
DPS (r): Chaczilla (Survival Hunter)

Horde Monday only @ 8:00 PM PST - 12:00 AM PST - Team Saurfang
Healer: Yttrius (Restoration Shaman)
DPS (r)/Healer
DPS (m):
DPS (m): Mudvaine (Fury Warrior)
DPS (r): Charah (Shadow Priest)
DPS (r):
DPS (r):

Alliance Weekends: Time @ tentative - Team Shandris
DPS (r)/Healer
DPS (m):
DPS (m):
DPS (r):
DPS (r):
DPS (r):

For anyone who can't committ to a time due to time/social reasons. This is where you'll be listed.

Dragonfeirie (Restoration ??) - healer
Shamzmage (Fire Mage) - ranged DPS
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Chasing Purple

Loche#1444 (battletag)

Loche - Prot Paladin (ilvl 479)
Delyssa - Rogue (ilvl 506)
Arrayn - Blood DK (ilvl 479)
Draythek - Warlock (ilvl 491)
Rahvenia - Holy/Shadow Priest (ilvl 487)
Niyara - Resto/Ele Shaman (ilvl 465 (463 equipped))

I'm free almost every night except Saturday, and possibly Tues/Wed. Delyssa is currently my main, and may be dedicated to a lockout if I can raid that week, but I figured I'd list her, since that doesn't always happen.

Just to add more info to the "anytime" thing...sleep is for the weak! East coast player on a west coast server...but staying up to 4AM is a normal thing for seriously, I mean whenever.

Happy to fill in a spot if I'm available...I'm extremely laid back, but do work hard to do my job as best I can.
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90 Troll Priest
Alecoholic - iLvL 472 Windwalker Monk
Free time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays 6 pm pst to 9:30 pst I have progression raiding, other than I'm most of time. Sometimes I have school stuff that needs to be done but I can let someone know in advance.

I'm not saying I will be here for every raid, because usually if I am not on WoW I am with my real life friends, but if I am free I would like to raid.

Battletag is Joppy#1824
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My Main is Corma ^^
All you alliance velenites surely have heard of me, though never for a good reason ^_~
wholeheartedly though im committed to the idea of a velen repopulation!
Battletag is Corma#1346
Alts are
Laulis - Undead Combat Rogue- 493 ilvl
Hellyon - Fail Draenei Enhancement Shaman- 482 ilvl

Im online fairly often and would be more than happy to join any raids in need!
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Senseless Violence
Devotion ilvl 508 shadow priest
Devie ilvl 511 beast mastery hunter
Devereaux ilvl 500 combat rogue

Device ilvl 495 holy pally (still learning)
Devyn ilvl 502 destro lock
Devyl ilvl 498 arcane mage

Available fridays and usually saturdays.... all afternoon/evening
Other days also..... if I'm online just ask

Havent raided much this expac so mostly geared in LFR.

battletag is Devie#1874
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My main is my balance druid - ilvl 513. I'd be happy to take her to any content other than ToT, or ToT on a Monday if my group doesn't clear the instance.
Szi - 472 Fire Mage
Ahzula - 470 Shadow/Disc priest.
I'm on a lot, so feel free to ask if you need a body for something. :)
battletag: Erinn#1112
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96 Human Mage
I don't really have a main at the moment but would honestly prefer day time raiding if anyone is interested in that or Saturday evenings at around 10 est. My toons are as follows:

Dragonfairie (H) i489 Resto
Maat (H) i497 Shadow
Dragonfairy (H) i479 Windwalker
Jandielia (A) i482 Arcane

Battletag ID Lena#1726

If you happen to see me on when a pug is going and need a dps or healer feel free to message. The guild I am in doesn't raid which suits me fine as with a toddler running around it does make it tough to raid and evenings tend to be family time.
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90 Troll Rogue
I would be interested in an ALT group, these are what I have to offer.

Thisishard (H) i483 Blood DK
Chaczilla (H) i474 Hunter (just hit 90 so working on him the most atm)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday is best for me anytime after 6:30 PM Central.

If you have any questions hit me up at Chac#1814 I don't usually bite....usually.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
509 ret pally (kilikburn)
508 unholy dk (undeadkilik)
505 fury warrior (mudvaine)

my battle tag is HoneyBadger #1881
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Hey guys! I'm not sure if I've got anything that can really fill spots you're looking for, but I'll throw my name out there anyway.

I have this character, but it's kind of up in the air on whether or not I'll be raiding for my guild's main team. We've dropped down to about 5 people that show up, so we're not really raiding right now anyway. I could always take an alt to our main raid team if that starts back up. But's what I have to offer.

Norì - ilvl 510 beast mastery hunter
Charah- ilvl 508 shadow priest
Jordyyn- ilvl 503 frost death knight
Ayleigh- ilvl 491 ret paladin

I'm online quite often and my raid schedule is pretty open. My battletag is Nori#1398...feel free to hit me up anytime :)
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100 Undead Warlock
make these GDKP and im down. ill drop big gold on trinkets for pvp
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Def. interested in alt raid Frost Mage ilvl 505 available from 6 server until 10 server. Friday's and Saturday's
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90 Orc Shaman
If you said "anytime" on your post, I don't know what time your exactly available, you could be on EST time zone and I put you in for an 8:00 PM PST raid that ends at 12:00 PM PST (3:00 AM EST end time). Give me EXACT times.

What days?

GDKPs on 10man do not work and it's quite an effort as it is trying to organize a 10man here, feel welcome to start your own GDKP raids.
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100 Blood Elf Warrior
I can raid from about 3pm est to whenever on any day but sunday
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90 Orc Shaman

What's a reasonable end-time for 'whenever'? 4 AM EST?
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90 Troll Priest
Weekdays 4 - 11ish and Weekends all day I'm available.
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90 Pandaren Priest
I Dont see a problem setting up a 25 man GDKP...
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90 Orc Shaman
Knock yourself out Choopaloop. I'll help run one, just need someone else to organize.
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100 Blood Elf Warrior
hey mudvaine and undeadkilik is the same person
didnt think about causing confusion
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Would like to add my holy pally or Disc priest to heal for fri/sat

8-12 server is fine
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