Alterac Valley Wargame Extravaganza

90 Human Death Knight
So the other night some of my fellow Knights and myself were in an Alterac Valley and it came to us. The best pvp event EVER. A 40 v 40 VECO EXCLUSIVE wargame in alterac valley, heck even a series of wargames. With all the mechanics and additional things in AV plus capturable objectives an AV game played right is like WPVP+ edition, and it enforces rules like ground mounts only.

So to get things started, over the next few weeks I am wanting to get people ally and horde side together a work out a date and time for this, I am going to ask Ravkha to be the horde liaison as I did with my Mulgore battle. I think this could be a hell of a lot of fun for both sides and be a reminder of some stuff from classic *winks*
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If this were to happen when I could participate, I would be SO best times are 8 pm or later server/pacific week nights or weekends.
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100 Tauren Hunter
This would be epic!
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90 Pandaren Hunter
I might be interested in this... >>;
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90 Worgen Hunter
Some of the best ideas come late at night when you're just chilling in BG's... Slaughtering undergeared horde in the Field of Strife... :3
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90 Tauren Druid
Sounds great! Get a hold of me whenever I'm online and we can discuss the details. We'll definitely want to iron out a time that's best for both sides, to reach that 40 man raid.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Awesome idea, this sounds really fun^^
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90 Human Warrior
Definitely a good idea...

Divine Vengeance would get behind this and provide some definite players for it. I am sure I can ask around as well with several other guilds such as Hallowed and TGC to find players to bring into it.

Any idea on when we might want to begin to push for it?

- Kite
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100 Tauren Death Knight
An interesting proposition. The Blackteeth would gladly spill blood in the valley for the glory of the Dreadhorde. Have your emissary make contact.
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