Stop giving your Pandaren Japanese names


90 Pandaren Shaman
Lies...there are over 1 billion chinese name.

there are 1 billion chinese people, most of them have the same name... more chins than a chinese phonebook and all that.
90 Pandaren Monk
How do you feel about horrible puns of American airheads?
90 Pandaren Shaman
How do you feel about horrible puns of American airheads?

Puns and Japanese names are the least of my concern. Its blue humour names and stupid meme/phrase names. Like bodily functions or rogues with names like "Igankjoo".
90 Dwarf Shaman
How do you feel about horrible puns of American airheads?

Why you gotta drag Steve Colbert into this?

Doh! Did I just go there?
Kawaii desu.
90 Pandaren Shaman
What if I told you...

One of my Panda's had a pokemon name?
91 Pandaren Hunter
We can't all be perfect.
90 Pandaren Monk
both my panda's have realish names i think. this one obviously and Sinyi
90 Dwarf Warlock
There is nothing Japanese about Pandaria. If anything it's Chinese. Kthx

Funny, I see Japan, China, Tibet/Nepal and Korea in Pandaria.

Kun-Lai SCREAMS "Tibet".
90 Orc Hunter

Though my panda is called Furrybait. But it's tempting to make one/remake her to the name ChingChongChang.

Ya, pretty sure this would be reported within hours and forced name change even quicker. Possibly even short ban to go along with it.

Yeahhh, I guess. I'm Chinese, but I find those kind of jokes hilarious.

But I guess not everyone feels the same way--or some people would try to protect us poor Chinese.

Still tempting though.
I could always just put in my name and be like every other panda with a chinese name, lol.
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