Greetings! Rooks is now recruiting and/or looking to ally with another guild for raiding and PvP!

Founded in September 2005, Rooks is one of the oldest active alliance guilds on Twisting Nether. A contributing factor to our longevity is the dedication our founding members put forth in the creation of a Charter that has withstood the test of time. We are certainly not elitists, but we do have high standards for our membership ranks. Please visit for more information.

"Respectfulness, Integrity, Selflessness - These are the core values of a Rook. "

Above all else, Rooks is a social guild whose members enjoy all aspects of the World of Warcraft. From weekly raiding and PvP schedules to monthly RP events and guild meetings, Rooks does not place emphasis on any one aspect of game play. Members are here because we enjoy each other's company, doing whatever it is we like best about WoW.

As the population on Twisting Nether dwindles, we are seeking out new members who wish to join our ranks or guilds with which to ally to continue our raiding and PvP initiatives. Interested parties should contact Atilakai in-game or visit our website to leave a message.

Please Note: Invites are only given out after an application has been completed and an interview has taken place. We hope you will consider joining our Level 25 Guild!

Yours in Service,

Grand Master Atilakai
Order of the Rook