10 man horridon help heroic

90 Pandaren Monk
We just started this and wasted 2 hours pretty much
Here is our start

First gate
Kill ads that are doing sandstaps and the blazing light debuff
Then stonegazers

Blood lord

Frozen warlords then the rest

First warbear and shaman

Comp is
Prof pally bm monk
Me monk and holy pally

Melee shaman dk and rouge
Range spriest mage and lock

We are all over the place we get to third gate and a lot of times wipe on the first gate

Any tips will help on what others are doing like how are yall handling interrupts on second gate with the priests? And on the first gate as well. We are just single targeting each priest and moving to next one as one dies until all 3 are dead do we need to have someone on each when they spawn to get interupts or what? And for dispells how are yall handling that do you guys just do it on own free will or have a set way of doing it? And if my ad priority is off plz let me know.

I would post our logs but I'm on my phone so can't. If you would like to see them we are symmetry on illidan and the logs were from last night on Tuesday. Any help would be great as it feels we are not moving forward at all
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90 Troll Druid
I assume your prot paladin has the boss the entire time, given that you have two paladins in the raid.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Yes I am the prot pally I am on boss full time but I do not need or holy pally bops as I take up to 7or 8 stacks just fine and clear them after every door
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90 Pandaren Monk
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Made a quick guide for heroic horridon a while back - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZrColHxO1k&list=UU43Vbjdu0FZYpIOitvOqt1Q&index=5

I think on the 2nd gate you want to focus the Effusions over the priests. Positioning matters a ton on this fight. Make sure you have everyone stacked and moving together for 2nd and 3rd gates.
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100 Troll Priest
We always prioritized Priests over Effusions- effusions are squishy and ultimately die to cleave much easier. In my opinion is comes down to how your raid moves around the room in relation to how quickly you can DPS.

I normally utilize my CDs blowing up the initial Wastewalker and by the time they're back up (Zerking/SFiend-- 3minute cds) we're just at or slightly past where the first Frozen Warlord is spawning and can therefore use them again. Again, this is what -I- have become comfortable with.

Until you can reach P2 comfortably I would utilize Lust on whatever gate is giving you the most issues. I'd think third gate would be most difficult as your fourth is going to take quite a long time as you only have 1 decurse.

tldr; The enrage on 10man is pretty easy so your best bet would probably be third gate to brute force it or on Warlord depending on how many Shouts he gets off.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Until you can reach P2 comfortably I would utilize Lust on whatever gate is giving you the most issues. I'd think third gate would be most difficult as your fourth is going to take quite a long time as you only have 1 decurse.

This for sure. P2 is a joke in comparison to P1.
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90 Pandaren Monk
So an update we spent another hour and a half before we changed to normal and still has issues we got to the fourth gate once but that was a bit of luck how are you guys doing the second and third gates with interrupts and dispels
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100 Night Elf Monk
For the second gate, you can actually raid mark the priests before the fight starts as the same mobs in the fight are up in the stands, they simply jump down. I recommend doing that and assigning a melee on each priest to interrupt. Their poison volley has a long enough cooldown that you only need 1 interrupter per mob.

For the third gate, I'd actually recommend having the dps focus on killing the fixating adds first while dotting/cleaving the warlords down. Raid damage will be considerably easier as well as dispels. The downside is the add tank with the Frozen Warlords will take a lot of damage and need cooldowns if/when all 3 are on him. I'd recommend bloodlusting on this door as I found it the hardest for both dps and healers.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Three melee in 10 man Heroic Horridon is not a wise idea. Take as few as possible.
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