Been gone for a few months, now I am terribad

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So I took a break from playing for several months. Before I left I did fine healing up to Sha of Anger in LFR, was always one of the top 3 heals. When I came back last week I decided to jump right into healing Throne of Thunder for the first time. Finding myself in the bottom 3 heals spots most of the time. Not having mana issues, don't know what's up. I started with an ilvl 482 and am now up to ilvl 485 with 3 new items (so that's an upside!). I have run ToT twice now and when I ran the last 3 bosses with a great LFR group, there were 2 paly tanks that would outheal me. I have never had that happen before, EVER. 7th place in healing in 1 of the 3 boss fights. 6th in the other. What am I doing wrong? I am worried I'm gonna get kicked out of a LFR group, and if that happens I don't think I could live the shame down.
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Couple of things to think about.

Have you found the shado-pan assault cave yet. There is a vendor with 522 gear. Between that and the new world boss people have some nice shiny new gear now (I would guess the average LFR hero is in the 505 range).

Tot is also current. Did you do it last night? That was reset day after an 8 hour server maintenance. You tend to get good players all bunched up together when that happens. How many times did you wipe? If the answer is just a couple, you had a good group.

Chances are you will get kicked out of LFR. The meters don't work well there when you don't have enough damage for everyone to heal. They do work a little better if everyone is constantly being derpy, but not very well even then. Please don't feel bad if you get caught up in the 'kick the wrong person' game.
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The Shado-Pan Assault vendor is also where the other Valor vendors are at Niuzao Temple.
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Thanks for the vendor info, will definitely check that out. 505, goodness I had no idea I was THAT undergeared. Yeah that specific LFR group for the last 3 bosses was a great group. Not only did we not wipe on the Thunder King, noone even died lol! I think the week before I wiped twice before we got him down. Thanks again for the advice!
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