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simple answer when your pet takes agro, it dies. agro table is reset then in turn kills heals...
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The 2nd biggest problem has already been discussed pretty thoroughly- that of positioning. I need the Fire breath, Ground Slam, Cone of Death etc. to aim away from the group, and the pet is virtually always on a direct line between the boss and the group so that much of the time, just as soon as I turn him away, he turns back and when he does his big thing, it's party shishkabob.

But that's not what makes pet aggro hard to deal with. Much of the time, the other DPS and the healer just roll their eyes and GTFO of the way cause they see it coming. You can plan around that, when it's just the boss, as long as you aren't up to your eyeballs in your own goo.

What's not been emphasized enough is that the fundamental point of my job is to get the attention of all the mobs and keep it off everyone else. I aggro with Swipe or Thrash, and one mob blinks green, then red and immediately starts moving away. I can't really tell where he's headed or why in the mix with several others, I just know I don't have control. I have to try to click on him, or his nameplate, which is moving all over the place around the others. I finally get him selected (cause tab targeting works oh so well!) and blow my taunt on him - all of which already means he's already taking a LOT of my attention away from everything else - and he turns back to me, only to immediately turn away again. AAAARGH!!!!

Now a new threat spawns, a patrol picks us, or someone aggros nearby mobs. I've already wasted my taunt, my melee range aggro tools are on cooldown still and I'm left with either bouncing around like I've dropped hot soup down the undies trying to face pull everything, or watching my healer get munched.

In short, imagine how frustrated you'd be if one of the other party members had a self-buff turned on that turned their hair rainbow colors - but pretty consistently caused you to lose half your life and heal the mob you were attacking for that amount instead. And that they simply wouldn't turn it off even though it was doing nothing for them and making your life far far harder.

That's what pet aggro does to the tank.

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This is a short little run down.

1. Our pets are not as durable as a tank, so they can die faster.
2. When a pet taunts, they mess with the aggro list (who getts attacked). There is a chance that when the pet dies the enemy may go for someone other then the tank and they may also die.
3. There is an ability all tanks get that is called "vengeance". As the tank takes damage, their damage is increased thanks to this mechanic. If you want to read the skill look at the level 10 ability for prot warrios!
4. It is harder to position enemies with the pet since he will sometimes move around. This could make things tougher for non ranged classes
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Can't speak from a tank perspective, but I do have omen so know how it messes with the aggro meters. When a pet is taking aggro, the meters confuse me for a brief second. Imagine how the tank feels - the person whose sole job is to hold aggro.

The only time I feel it would be appropriate to turn growl on is when the tank bites off more than everyone can chew. Especially if he dies in the process. Other than that, I see no reason to have it on.
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ok so I have tried to find the answer to this all over the Internet and have come up empty.

why do tanks care if a hunter pet takes aggro?
to me it would seem better to let a pet take damage than a player? and generally they don't have to die if the hunter uses mend pet ( with " Glyph of Mending" which increases the mend by %60 you don't have tom use it often.
is it a macho thing? " look at me I can take a beating better than all of you!"?
I always turn off "growl" before I enter a dungeon, because I was told to the first time I ever went in one, but can someone plz help me understand why?

thanks, Hasita.

The main reason a tank cares if a hunter pet is pulling aggro is that it interferes with directing and managing a mob or boss. For example, Say a boss or sub boss is dropping poison or an AoE dmg effect around it. A tank will pull the boss out of the AoE (remember the phrase "Don't stand in S#!T"?

The main reason a hunter should care if his pet is pulling aggro, is that it will die and all the undirected aggro will go to... the hunter. Feign death might save your @zz, but if that random mob kills the healer or another player or the group, you are going to get kicked.

I can understand new players at low levels, say 15-30 not understanding about pet aggro, but after that, there really is no excuse. If you have never played PvE then ask how and what you should know. Usually, somebody in the group also plays a hunter and can help you out.

Long and short of it, a tank directs aggro in different ways according to each situation. If your pet is pulling aggro away from the tank, it is messing up the intended direction of the pull. Also, if YOU are pulling ahead of the tank, it also interferes with the direction of the pull.

Sure, your pet can probably tank 2 or 3 mobs, but it is rare that a tank pulls only 2 or 3 mobs. Usually, they try to get 2 or 3 groups of mobs, making the run go faster and dps meters go up, making players happy because they went from 1500 dps to 2200 dps. (low lev example)

In other words, as a hunter, if you want to rock your dps meter, you actually want as many mobs grouped on the tank as possible, so you can stand there and pick them off easily with an AoE like multi-shot. The more you hit, the more dmg per second you do.
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Garregish: Look at the dates on this thread. The OP got many adequate answers and reasons behind those answers for their topic, 4 MONTHS ago. They don't need any more advice on this, especially when they haven't been back since making this thread.

Please let old threads stay in the depths of the forum archives where they belong. Old threads often contain outdated information. This thread mentions the tank vengence mechanic, healers potentially pulling aggro off of the tank, and other things that Blizzard may decide to change in the future.

Newbies coming here with questions don't know the difference between old stale info and current info that's still relevant, because, well, they're new. They have no idea what changed 2 patches ago and can be safely ignored, or what was applicable last expansion that isn't anymore, etc.

In a forum dedicated to clearing up confusion, we'd prefer it if the posters here didn't add MORE by posting in old dead threads so they mingle with current threads (with current info) on the first few pages of this forum.
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