Hello everyone. I am a member of Guild, "Reawaken." We formed from Dark Raiders little raid team and became preety good 25 man Raid Team most of Cata. But as of now, my guild at a slow but crawl at raiding do 10mans. We lucky if we get enough people to raid or we have to pug part time. We are still fairly current. We on TOT on 3nd Boss as of now.

What im get at is I know there our other guilds with the same or simplar issues. I ask my if may be other guild want to conbine and may be put raid teams together or something.

I just try think of way to get things going without losing my guild. It a good group at worth saving. If rl and gm could find a way to be far, I don't see why this can't happen.

I also love to hear any ideas. I been of Shywall for log time now and I want to I'm prove it more.

Ty for your time all.