rune of orgination

90 Human Rogue
Today I got the LFR Rune of Origination, I was skeptical about its performance seeing that its rating in shadowcraft even at the highest quality lvl is terrible.

So I equipped the thing any way, and tested it out to see exactly what it does.

Turns out this thing is even more of a piece of crap that I had suspected.

I had hoped that it would take the value from your mastery, crit, and haste and give you that as a bonus to your highest stat, but instead it just re-organizes your stats..


That is the best thing I can say for this trinket, my only hope is that by some miracle blizzard will buff this thing and suddenly its worth having, but I kinda doubt that will happen.
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90 Night Elf Monk

if they buff it monk dps will go through the roof. Hell monks took a NERF because this thing was so godly for monk dps.

Sorry dude, we kind of got shafted thanks to this trinket too, but in a totally different way. I hear it's excellent for feral druids too.

can't wait for my 1 million damage RSKs (on jin'rokh but hey)
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90 Human Rogue
Yeah,, its utter trash pile for rogues.. All our stats are important,, so when you take them away I just want to QQ..

And the proc rate seems kinda low for such a !@#$ty trinket.

My renitaki proc's constantly, so does my shadowpan assault trinket.. But rune procs........ evry......... 10................... years.......

its horrid.
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