lei shen 10 man question

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You have a few solo soakers, they should do so. Hunter/Druid with symb from mage/Warlocks/Mage.

They should all solo soak. As per stacking three people is plenty on ph2 int if you have someone without an immunity that gets picked. Use your pw:b as there is nowhere else it is really useful. You also have Rally as well. Plus no matter what people need to use their personal cd's for static shock. Stacking alone might not work.
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Im looking for some input on healing lei shen in 10 man normal mode. My group runs a holy pally, resto druid and disc priest. Currently we are having some survivability issues during the second transition phase. I have been looking around on forums and watched countless videos and there are so many different strats as how to do get through it. The platform group i normal heal is a mage and myself and we get obliterated on the second go, even with ss up and barrier we barely make it out alive. Is there something more that can be done, or that im missing?

Second transition, and it's still just you the mage and 1 dk?

Sounds to me you need to split the the raid up better.

Throw a the holy pally to your platform, leave the resto druid solo healer (Assuming he's good) with a dps healing cd.
Charged mushrooms and rolling hots are really super on this phase not to mention resto druids mitigation; barkskin + bearform + MoU = gg. Explode shrooms after static shock = full life half raid.
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I two heal as holy with a rest shaman.

First transition - myself, warlock, hunter (knock out diffusion)

Second transition - myself, warlock, rogue, spriest (believe the other two spots are tank/tank and then everyone else)

We decided that the pure power of holy in p3 was more important than the mitigation during intermissions.
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Just wanted to ty all for you help, it was greatly appreciated. we got it down! :)
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