Nightbane is a 10 man guild that is expanding to 25 man raids. We are currently 4/12 in ToT and plan on progressing further into ToT. We are a fairly new guild on Rexxar with a great player base but need a few good players to round out or roster. We raid Thur/Fir/Sat from 9:30 – 11:30 est and run farm runs throughout the week. Flasks and food are provided by the guild as well as guild repairs.

Our current needs are:

Disc Priest: High Need

Melee DPS:

Any Melee DPS Rogue and Monk high priority


A tank of any class with a DPS offspec

Any exceptional player will be considered for a raid spot.

Loot System: EPGP

For our 10 man runs we are currently using DKP. When we move into 25 man raids we will be switching over to EPGP and all points will be reset to defaults so you won’t need to worry about being behind in points. For more details on the loot system please contact Snipedown#1816

Old school content:

We have old school nights where we finish achievement runs for our members; Alcohol may or may not be involved! If you love running the old content for fun and profit then this is a great place for you! Sometimes prizes, such as trading card game mounts, may be raffled off at these events.

Server interaction night:

We will be running a server interaction night where we invite a few members from Rexxar to old raids such as MSV and HoF. These events are not mandatory but are something we would like to do to help the player base of Rexxar with basic raiding strats and assembling some gear!

If Nightbane sounds like a good place for you please contact Legionas on Rexxar, use my battletag Snipedown#1816 or visit our website at