Set adrift on a memory bliss

90 Human Paladin
I woke up startled out of bed this morning. In a cold sweat I sat up, confused as to my surroundings. I grasp my chest near my heart, thinking foolishly that my heart might actually beat of my chest. It's then that I notice that all that I'm wearing is a grey tabard. I put my hand down on the bed as I just sit there still trying to get my bearings. I move my fingers, making fists then extending them back out again and look down to the only ring I'm wearing. This Seal of Ascension and I see a Green Brewfest Stein laying on its side on the nightstand, then the memories start to come back to me.

Fighting dragons, war efforts, new lands, creatures, dungeons. I start to remember people who I fought next to, who I bled with. I remember those who I've lost and have not seen in some time. I then spring off the bed and look in the mirror on the wall. I pinch my face and stroke my ears. My normal ears? Confusion sets in as I have all these memories but as a Blood Elf. How can that be? Could it all have been one big dream?

I grab the stein, step out of the room and go downstairs. The one lonely Innkeeper bids me good day and I step across the threshold into what seems to be a whole new world. The bright sun blinding me as I quickly cover my eyes. I move my hand and my sight becomes clear. I'm in Stormwind.
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100 Undead Warlock
Bloodthistle is a hell of a drug.
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90 Human Paladin
I look around and notice the Auction House to my left. I would think that this would be bustling with activity so I hurry over to see if anybody is there. To my surprise, it's empty. The auctioneers give me a wave and an officer who was standing guard gave me a puzzled look as he was watching my every move.

the sound of running water was a calming sound, the only sound really that filled the small courtyard. I walked over to the fountain and splashed my face with the water. The cold refreshing water felt... well... refreshing. I looked up and there on the opposite side of the Auction House, was the Stormwind Counting House. I walked over to the entrance, both guards standing at attention were watching my every move. This building just like the Auction House, was empty besides those that worked there. I walked over to the first Banker, "King's honor friend," she says to me. I asked to see the contents of my safe, maybe I have some armor I can wear at least.
I look at some of the contents:
Punctured Voodoo Doll
Qiraji Spiked Hilt
Insignia of the Crusade
Mithril Pocketwatch
and some dust Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample

I thanked the Banker, she replied, "Light bless you." Then I turned around and walked out. Empty handed still. As I walked past one of the guards, one of them started to whisper to me. "You look a little confused. Seek out Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral of Light, straight that way, in Cathedral Square." Then he went back to standing at attention.

Ok then, Cathedral it is...
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90 Human Paladin
My discussion with Lord Grayson was brief and to the point. To sum it up quickly, the world is always in need of protectors. He gave me some sound advice and even taught me a couple things I had never known. I turned to walk out and he politely asked me to please clothe myself, then directed me to where I could actually purchase some armor to get me on my way. I took a step then stopped. Thinking to myself, what am I going to do with the armor once I get it? So I asked him, "So I get some armor. Then what?" He smiled and handed me a small book, one that could fit in your pocket.

I opened it and it had 2 jobs for me to do. They were more than just simple jobs to be done however. These jobs were quests, and this small book is my new quest log. He directed me to see Allison Pots, a heavy armor merchant across the canal from the Cathedral. So off I ran.

I ran in to see Allison and bought the best plate armor that I could, as well as a sturdy shield and sword that were hanging on the wall behind her. After she helped me get all the armor on she bid me farewell. I started walking out and she called me back in. "Did you walk here? I didn't hear a horse or gryphon when you arrived." "No." I replied. "I walked". "Well you best head down the road to see Katie Hunter at the Eastvale Logging Camp. She'll have horses there that you can purchase." And with that I was off again.

I walked out of the store and slowly walked down the cobblestone path through Stormwind. The city was still eerily quiet. Now that I had armor on though, I received salutes as I passed by different guards, instead of strange glances. I made my way out through the main gates and onto the dirt path leading to the logging camp. It was a beautiful day for a nice walk through the forest. The sound of the trees gently rusting. Birds chirping and hoofs galloping along as riders passed me by. Then there it was, Eastvale Logging Camp.

I could hear the neighing of the horses and see where the stable was so I made my way over to the attendant that was brushing one of the horses. "You must be Katie?" I asked politely. "Why yes i am what can I help you with?" "I need to buy a trusty steed to accompany me on my travels." "I can definitely help you with that. Come on, step into my office."

We walked over to a small house next to the stable and she told me the prices for each one that she had. She then looked me over and asked if I had ever purchased one here before. She said she knows most of her customers and would recognize them if she saw them but didn't recognize me. I explained to her my whole story so far and she stared back at me in wonder. She then turned around and opened up a cupboard behind her. A small stack of books the size of my quest log that Lord Grayson gave me, where stacked and dusty inside the cupboard. She removed one from the stack, blew off the dust and handed it to me. "I don't know how these book of spells work. They have been blessed by the light, or arcane or something. But if you have ever learned to ride one of the many mounts in Azeroth, they will be in this book. And a Paladin of your stature, I'm sure has ridden more than just a plain brown horse." I thanked her over and over and was blown away by her kindness to help out a total stranger. I walked out reading the first few pages of this small book on how to summon these mountable creatures. Then I turned to a page that read, "Into the wild blue yonder." After that was page after page of flying mounts. My eyes stopped on the page that read simply "Red Drake".

Today is the start of a brand new chapter.
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100 Night Elf Hunter
I'm actually kinda enjoying this. Makes me wanna read one of the warcraft novels.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Not quite sure what I'm reading.... but I like it
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It started with a random idea I had in the random thread. So this is the start of journaling the steps along the way of different things we all take for granted throughout our gaming experience and enhancing it a bit. :)
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90 Human Paladin
I called forth the large red winged drake and it seemed to appear out of nowhere landing right in front of me. I ran my hand down its scaly neck and onto its back where a small saddle was strapped. "Well, here goes nothin." I thought to myself. I jumped up onto the saddle and with a small jerk of the reins, we were off.

up and up we went, quickly gaining altitude as we rose above the trees. Elwyn Forest was very beautiful from above. I flew around for a bit until I crossed the river into Duskwood. A shiver ran down my spine as I flew over a cemetery. I looked down and thought I noticed a figure of some kind walking amongst the gravestones. I couldn't see very well as we were flying pretty fast and I had no flight goggles. I dismissed the thought about as fast as it entered my mind as I landed in Darkshire. The ride was thrilling but I needed a drink.

I hopped of the drake, letting it fly off until the next time I would need it. I walked into the Scarlet Raven Tavern and made my way to the bar. The smell of fresh dusky crab cakes filled the inn. They smelled so good. I dropped a couple of coins on the counter and asked for a nice big, cold glass of moonberry juice. The bartender looked at me funny and obliged. I raised the cup to my lips enjoying each sip to the fullest. I placed the cup back on the counter, wiping my face with the back of my hand. Then I asked him, "Has anybody ever seen a strange figure walking around the cemetery?"

The Inn grew quiet, the bartender looked intently at each person in the room who was now staring at me. He looked at each of them and reassured them with just his eyes, that he would take care of this. He leaned in real close and said, "Buddy, I don't know who you are or where you came from, what you saw or what you even think you saw. But even so, go have a chat with Sirra over in the Town Hall. He'll have some answers for ya." I thanked him for the drink and walked out. I could feel each eye of the locals in the Inn, burning holes through me as I walked out.

The town hall was right to the right as I exited the Inn. Just a hop, skip and a jump up a few stairs and I was in the Town Hall. An attendant was arranging some books on a bookshelf and I asked him if he knew if Sirra was in today. "I am." He replied without even turning to look at me. "Great! Can you tell me about the figure walking around the cemetery?" He dropped the books the was holding and slowly turned to face me.
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90 Human Paladin
"That's Mor'Ladim," Sirra said with a heavy sigh, lowering his head, shaking it slowly. He pulled a small book off the top shelf and handed it to me. "Here, you'll want to read this."

The book read, "The Story of Morgan Ladimore"

I took a few minutes reading through the short story. Not skipping any lines and letting the magnitude of the story really sink in. My eyes welled up with tears as I read about his tragedy that was his undoing. The happy life, the war, the homecoming that never happened, such a sad sad story. "Mor'Ladim huh?" I said to myself as I cleared the tears from my eyes. "Thank you so much for the info," I told Sirra as I handed him the book, then turned to walk out. Puzzled he asked, "What are you going to do now?" "What else?" I said with a grin. "I'm going to find Mor'Ladim and deal with him myself."

I summoned my drake and off we flew. His mighty wings kicking up dust all around as we took off through the night. It was a quick flight over the tree tops to the cemetery where a clearing appeared all around an old run down house that was at the top of the cemetery. Walking by that house was Mor'Ladim himself. A tall, bulky looking skeleton if ever there was such a thing. I landed near him, landing with such force that it shook the ground alerting him to my presence.

His head turned toward me and he looked in my direction. He raised his large sword and ran towards me. The sound of bones rattling and armor clanging as he ran. I jumped off my drake and steadied myself ready for the first blow. As he swung I swung also, our swords meeting in mid air, sparks flying and the clanging sound of metal on metal rang out. After a few swings I was already feeling winded, I said a prayer under my breath, "Light give me strength." Almost instantly I felt a power coursing through me like I've never felt and my sword became light, my shield almost weightless and there was a bit of a glow to my attacks now! After a few more blows I could tell I had the upper hand and he was weakening. After a successful block with my shield I let loose a tremendous cut to the body that sent the skeleton to its knees. His sword still in his grasp but laying even on the ground as he sat there on all fours in front of me. Without thinking and without any hesitation, I raised my sword and with a swift blow, I lopped off his head. His skull still in its helmet rolled on the ground next to his still body.

I took a few deep breaths and looking around I realize the magnitude of what I had just accomplished. Just then a glowing light appears to my left and startles me, a ghost appears near a weathered grave that is nowhere near the others. The ghost is of a younger muscular looking man. I take it that this was Morgan Ladimore. He then speaks, "My sword Archeus served me well in life, but as at last my spirit may pass from the unhappy existence, I need it no longer. I shall cling to the love of my daughter and hope that I will find forgiveness under the Light for my sins." And as quickly as he appeared, he leaves. But not before a sword appears on the grave. I reach down and pick it up by the hilt. The blade glowing ever-so subtly. Reflecting on the words that Morgan just said to me, I took it as he no longer needed the blade. So I took upon myself to take this sword into battle. Remembering the sacrifice he made long ago by serving in the Paladins of the Silverhand. And the first place I will strike, Shadowfang Keep. Where Lord Grayson instructed me to go to complete my first quest.
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90 Human Paladin
I whistled for the drake and he was there in an instant, ready to take me wherever I wanted to go. So up we flew above the tree tops toward Shadowfang Keep. We flew over Duskwood, heading north back over Elwyn and Stormwind. Flew right over the cliffs that surrounded Dun Morogh and swooped down into the Wetlands. We flew right along the coast, the wet salty air was cold yet refreshing. We flew over the Arathi Highlands and past the Great Wall into Hillsbrad. Sylvanis and her plague bringers taking over Hillsbrad and continuing their dominance into Silverpine. We flew over rows and rows of Undead troops as they seemed to be forming for some kind of battle. I didn't have time to stop and find out though, Shadowfang was in sight. We landed on the bridge leading into the Keep, I hopped off and didn't hesitate to go inside.

As I ran inside I was greeted by a Worgen. Taken back for just a moment until he spoke. "Lord Grayson said you'd be coming. Come along we have no time to waste." I followed him inside, ghouls and geists everywhere. I fought them off in groups of 2 or 3, the battles seemed to go a lot quicker than I thought. My sword flying and my shield smashing, was clearing out this place pretty quickly. As the ghouls and geists lay dead on the ground I remembered that I was supposed to search them for any sinew they may be carrying. I was also supposed to find some moonsteel that was supposedly somewhere around the keep. I kept pressing further and further into the keep, there seemed to be countless undead roaming everywhere. I found some pallets of moonsteel around the edge of a large courtyard and after dispatching of the undead mobs there I gathered just the amount of moonsteel that I was asked to get. "My orders are to find Commander Springvale." I said to the pack leader. "He holds a crest that Lord Grayson wanted me to get. That's the last thing." "This way then," he said as he ran on all fours in front of me. We fought our way through the kitchen and up a flight of stairs, down a long hallway until I could see some ghost-looking soldiers. "In there." The pack leader said. "You'll need to do this alone."

I stepped closer to the room trying not to make much noise so I didn't startle all of them. There was about six of them just wandering around the room. I picked up a rock and threw it in the direction of a couple of them then ducked out of sight back down the way I had came. Three of them rushed out the door to investigate the commotion and they fell to my feet just as fast as the others had been. I pulled the last group out, careful not to also bring the attention of the Commander with them. Success. They rushed out the door the same way the others had and they dropped to my feet just as fast. Now it was just Springvale and myself.

I stepped into the room, confident. My breathing slow, my grip tight. I picked up a small hammer that was on the ground and threw it at the Commander, hitting him on the back. He turned and looked at me. Hatred in his eyes. He then rushed at me with his shield in front of him. He advanced like a finely trained soldier swinging at me with his large sword, which I blocked. We exchanged blows back and forth, blocking, dodging and parrying his moves until I had worn him down enough to strike a crushing blow. The Commander fell to his knees then face down, motionless. The pack leader came into the room with a couple of other worgen close behind him. He inspected the body and confirmed his demise. He then removed the crest from a small pouch that was around the commanders waist and tossed it to me. "Here you might as well take this too. Much better looking than that plain piece of construction you call a shield." He removed the commanders shield from his grasp and extended it to me. I dropped the one I was holding and took up this new shield. Much lighter yet I could tell that it was a much better shield than the one I had been using. "Now quickly get yourself back to Lord Grayson with the items you have collected. He'll be anxious to supply you with a nice reward." I thanked the pack leader for all his help and ran out of the keep to fly back to Stormwind.
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90 Human Paladin
I ran out of the keep as fast as I could. The musty smell and dampness of the entire place was almost suffocating. I exited through the front doors and stepping onto the wooden bridge I collapsed onto all fours taking in deeps breaths of the crisp, cool, Silverpine air. The fresh air invigorated me to mount up and hit the skies.

I forgot how long of a flight it was from Silverpine to Stormwind but we made good time with a nice tailwind and sunny skies all around. I remember reading that I needed to bring the items I had collected to Therum Deepforge, one of the blacksmiths that resided in the Dwarven district in Stormwind. I was anxious to see just what my reward would be!

After a long flight I landed nearby and and just looking around at the blacksmiths that were present, I could tell who Therum was. I walked over to him and presented him with the items. He got right to forging my weapon and I could tell he had done this a few times. A short time later he called me over and handed me my reward. Warhammer of the Order This is going to look great above my mantle. I took the item to the bank and deposited it in my vault because I had no time to go home today. After I thanked the bank teller I wanted to go see Lord Grayson again.

I went back to Lord Grayson to thank him for the opportunity to serve again. I'm not sure what I expected him to say, if anything. I just wanted to say thanks and leave. But before I could leave he asked if I wanted to go on another quest for him. Of course I wanted to! I could feel a rush of adrenaline as I was chomping at the bit to get back out there again. He said to me,"Blackrock Depths has long been home to our enemies, but now SI:7 sends word that the Dark Irons and Twilight's Hammer are increasing their collaboration. Using the knowledge of the cult, the Dark Iron dwarves are imbuing their weapons with elemental powers. They've outfitted the Anvilrage legion with these fearsome new weapons.

I want you to go into Blackrock Depths and gather the weapons from the Anvilrage dwarves there and break them over the Black Anvil in the heart of Shadowforge City."

Blackrock Depths. I seem to remember being in Blackrock quite a few times in the past but my memories are a little hazy of that place. But before I headed out again I needed a drink.
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100 Pandaren Monk
I dig it, can't wait for more :D
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90 Human Paladin
I flew over to The Golden Keg in the Dwarven District and found my way to the bar. Colin the tavernkeeper was behind the bar. "Greetings" he politely said to me as I took my helmet off and placed it on the bar. "One Lordaeron please," I asked, placing my gold pieces on the bar. He filled the cup to overflow leaving just a nice thick head on top of the cup. He slid the cup across the bar to me and I raised it to my lips. My enjoyment was quickly stifled as a few patrons at the bar were looking my way and snickering. I placed my cup down calmly and turned to face them.

"Is there some kind of problem here gentlemen?" One fella decked out head to toe in the latest battlegear replied, "No problem at all, if you're just planning on killing Kobolds all day out in Elwyn." I picked up my cup and took another sip. The smooth, nutty lager resting in my mouth before gently sliding down my throat as I swallowed. I sat the cup back down on the bar and started in on my story, again, explaining to them why I was wearing what I was wearing. I went on and on about my past adventures that I could remember than to the part were I woke up here in Stormwind wearing nothing but a grey tabard. It seemed silly hearing myself tell my story again, but I had the attention of the whole bar now. The patrons hanging onto my every word. "So here I am now. Doing whatever Lord Grayson would have me do in hopes that I find my way." The mood in the bar turned from one of laughter and making fun, to one that was filled with wonder and then some good advice. "It may sound simple, but instead of just buying some of the gear that the local blacksmiths create, you should try your luck at the auction house. People try to sell all kinds of items over there. You'll definitely be a lot better off with what you find there." He raised his cup to me, "cheers." I raised mine back to him "cheers". I finished my drink and walked out.

The auction house was directly across from the bar and I walked in. Auctioneer Lauffer was on stage with items all around him. Armor and weapons hung on the walls. Crafting materials and more armor lay on stage. There was no empty space left. "I need some plate armor. Please." He directed me to what he had available and to my surprise it was pretty cheap! The person selling the items must not want to make much from selling it. I bought as much as I could with what I had and thanked Lauffer. An auction attendant helped me with my goods and was gracious enough to help me get into my new armor. It was surprisingly comfy and I was able to move quite well in it. I strolled back over to The Golden Keg to get their thoughts on my purchases.

I burst through the door with a "TA-DAAAAH!" The fellas who were now sitting at a table all rose from their seats and gave me a standing ovation. One of them let out a chuckle and said with a smile, "Muuuuuch better." I bowed, "Thank you thank you." "This one's on me," Colin said from behind the bar. I walked over to the bar, picked up my cup and grabbed a seat at the table where the others had sat back down.

They picked up their conversation with a discussion about their favorite weapons they have ever owned or wished they would have owned. I listened and nursed my drink, thinking in the back of my head about my next quest. Then one guy asked me what some of my favorites were. It was a small list of weapons that I remembered from my old days in Outland. At least I think so. I then told them about the quest that Grayson would have me go on next, into Blackrock Depths. One guy burst out, "I love that old Blackrock City. That place is huge!" Another said, "So much to explore down there. You know, since we are talking about weapons, there is a weapon that is allegedly down there somewhere. A one handed mace called Ironfoe." The other guys shook their heads. "Ironfoe is one that is talked about a lot in the past but not many have seen it. I have no idea where to even start looking for that thing," one of the others replied. "Well," I said as I finished the last of my drink. "That's where I'm going. So I guess I might as well keep my eyes open for it." I wiped my mouth, thanked them all for the great conversation, stepped outside and was off to find Ironfoe.
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