is everyone dying faster?

90 Undead Priest
Or is it just me? I swear I'm hitting everything significantly harder than I was Monday. Its like they just fall apart. Did shadow get some stealth buff on dmg? I'm not talking ppl with 350k hp, these guys have ~400k and just flop over and die.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Inside BGs, yeah.

Seems like a lot of them were in there with minimal PvP gear and relied on their class/spec being OP against others. Now it's not that easy to run over casters just because you used to last week.

It's a good patch, imo. They still get really really mad when they get offed by a spriest though.

Watch for more threads whining that spriests are still too strong.
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90 Human Priest
111k DP crits with all procs up. Shadow Fiend solos people if they pop no defensive. It's awsome.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Honestly, I was blowing people up before patch in BGs, except for warriors. Nothing really changed for me with the patch except glyphing for mass disepl (thanks Blizz).
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90 Undead Priest
I'd noticed most every other class seemed to hit for far less, so I came across a shadow priest and figured no big deal. He just absolutely melted my face, it was ridiculous.

On a side note, destro locks seem to have taken a huuuuuge hit. Extremely geared locks were hitting me for like 85k chaos bolts inside CD's.

Of course, this was all in just a few random bgs, but still.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
On a side note, destro locks seem to have taken a huuuuuge hit. Extremely geared locks were hitting me for like 85k chaos bolts inside CD's.

A good destro lock friend of mine was shocked last night and found due to extensive testing that his chaos bolts were hitting for about that much, if he was lucky. I guess the pandemic terror of having a Chaos Bolt cast on you was treated with overreaction.

... But since we've been nerfed with overreaction since cata, I guess this might just be the moment of joy before Blizzard realizes we're enjoying ourselves again.
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Were not meant to have fun prétzels...
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100 Undead Priest
probably people on pve gear as well, a lot of people with 400+ HP got in BGs, but it was mostly with pve gear, trusting that the 65% base resilience would be enough

still melting faces on random BGs i can /emote during fights against 2 at a time.

its funny since some get ofended by my /gloat pk emote, and try to gang bang me and still get theier faces melted away.

so funny, silly kids
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20 Undead Mage
lol took your title out of context. i am disc priest and i thought it implied as in YOU are dying faster i seem to be getting hit harder my heals are stronger but i seem to be taking alot more dmg then before i can still survive but i need to be alot more carefull and really focus protect myself to stay living.

not saying its a bad thing takes more skill i guess? but yes i seem to be dying faster lol not sure if its the class or if all the other classes are just hitting harder and yes i know you meant THEM dying faster.
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