Tol Barad

30 Blood Elf Paladin
I just went to do Tol Barad and there were like 10 Alliance and only me on the Horde in the whole zone...

On another note... I noticed most of the time when I find a good deal on something on the AH, it gets bought out within less than a minute while I'm trying to decide. I also noticed the same bank alt has auctions for EVERYTHING and occasionally buys out my auctions en masse to relist at 400% what I charged. So... do we have some sort of borg/human bot controlling this dead AH? If so, what's the point anyway?

Whats up with this? What happened to this server? It's sooo empty. I feel like I'm playing alone sometimes (aside from the Tol Barad alliance and the aforementioned AH bot/player(???).


I sure hope we get merged or free transfers soon.
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Ally spends a lot more time in TB than Horde does, same for WG. As far as I can tell this is in no way representative of the numbers on each faction, but rather their gear.

Free transfers would be nice but a server merge might be too much. The whole reason anybody is on Veco is because the people here are great, and if suddenly half the people were from a different universe it would probably stink a little for us.

Veco does have fewer people but everything is here barring real high-end stuff. It's just not parading through trade chat like it is on other servers. Just because you don't see any help wanted signs doesn't mean there's no place to go.
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90 Orc Warrior
I will always stay veco no matter what but a rp-pvp server merge would be cool at least merge the what 4 or 6 just lower the down to about 2 or 3.
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100 Tauren Priest
I think a server merge would destroy the RPPvP/WPvP community we've so tightly knit on VeCo. If we had a merge, phrases like "VeCo is for FITE!" and even "Darkshire" would lose their meanings.

There couldn't have been 10 people on you anyway. Tol Barad has been kept even as possible since patch 4.0.3. Anyway, if you want WPvP, send me an ingame mail or RealID (not battletag,) and I'll drag you through Darkshire and show you some good fite!

And it could be worse. We could have a broken AH like Undermine or ED, whom both have, in my opinion, the two worst auction houses in game. And yes, there's tons of bots. But in a way, it regulates our economy on VeCo, so it's kind of a blessing in disguise. (And you were paid for the price you put on the item. Not a loss at all.)

Calling the server "dead" or "empty" is a hallmark of ignorance nowadays, you just haven't looked. And if you're playing without a guild, yes, you are playing alone.
Find a good Horde guild, like Dark Clan for PvP or Point Blank / Grunts for PvE.

Have a good one, dude.
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100 Tauren Death Knight
((Join /dhd and call out during TB. I for one would happily take the field. I do not however pay attention to the timer))
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