Need a log analyzed Please

45 Human Paladin

New to this log thing and I wouldn't know where to begin analyzing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's just a MSV10 fight of an fresh raiding group. Interested in the healers specifically.
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100 Draenei Shaman
It's just the one attempt? Is there something specifically that you're looking for?

At a glance, I'd say you guys aren't handling Jasper Chains well. Healing looks ok to me (without going in depth as far as spells used, etc), except for the lack of heals on the warrior before he died. Where was your rogue for this fight? Why not lust on pull?
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New to this log thing and I wouldn't know where to begin analyzing it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's just a MSV10 fight of an fresh raiding group. Interested in the healers specifically.

Druid: Most of their healing came from Healing Touch. 18.2% uptime on Lifebloom. 70.6% uptime on Harmony. All 3 of these are very bad juju. Will look further (and at the other two) but these are things that absolutely leaped out at me.

Paladin: Quite shocked he is taking Sacred Shield over Eternal Flame. I would fix that.

Shaman: Earth Shield uptime is 50.4%. That is very not good.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Well, your shadow priest did some nice healing, kept up vampiric embrace and was assisting with shields. I don’t know why they have the glyph for shield when DPSing, but it looks like a good idea as they were your 2nd DPS and it did assist the raid.

You lost everyone to jasper chains. Sure a mine killed your hunter, but that jasper chain was about to kill him anyway.

Your druid healer died to jasper chains twice. That did not do anything to help your healing.

I am not going to comment on how your real healers healed because I am not the right person to ask about shammies druids or pallies.
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90 Worgen Druid
The druid should have 95+ % uptime on their Harmony and Lifebloom buffs. Healing touch being their number one heal for the attempt is somewhat frightening to me. He had a ~16% uptime on Rejuvenation which seems incredibly low even for dying twice. He should have Rejuvenation rolling on both tanks and anyone taking damage. Considering it's 10m he can blanket at least half the raid with Rejuvenation, keep Lifebloom and Harmony up much easier. And he needs to be casting Swiftmend on cooldown, not just when groups of people are taking damage.

According to the log he never casted Incarnation: Tree of Life, Nature's Vigil or Cenarion Ward, all talents which he has. Not using these talents at all is pretty bad. It's like buying a loaf of bread to not eat it. Mmm.. bread.

Looking at his armory page:

He is below the first haste breakpoint of 3043. It gives an extra tick to Rejuvenation and Tranquility. He has no capped professions, while it is minor having capped professions do give a boost. And while it is purely personal preference, I suggest swapping Cenarion Ward for Nature's Swiftness.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Regarding the holy pally:
I don't know why hed ever take SS over EF, specially since he doesn't manage SS very well, the uptime is horrible. I'm not sure he understands SS really, he casted it twice on the warrior, and then nothing more. In a 10man setting you can blanket most of the raid in EF even with the nerfs to T14 4p, and thereby get a !@#$ton more healing from Illuminated Healing.

His cooldown usage is "ok", but each of them could be used way more. He sure seems to use most of his healing spells, but in such a weird way that it makes me wonder if he actually knows what he's doing or if he's just mindlessly pressing buttons.

I also have noooo idea why he has a holy paladin would ever take glyph of battle healer. It was like a joke and people tested it when MoP was first released, but the healing from it (as holy mind you, for prot it's amazing) is horse %^-*. He also have glyph of blessed life, which is good for pvp, but completely useless for pve.

His gemming/reforging is completely out of wack. He's gemmin spirit/crit, straight int, haste/stam(???), straight mastery, straight spirit, but still reforges FROM spirit to mastery even though his regen is really low, and he doesn't have a legendary meta gem. He's missing enchants and he has haste on gloves and boots instead of mastery.

He should probably read the holy paladin forum with the sticky that tail (<3) made for 5,2, most of it still holds true.
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100 Troll Druid
Obviously your rdruid is new to healing in a raiding environment as his main spec is Boomy. Considering this toon hit 90 in Jan this year, he most likely is new to DPS too.

He/she just needs some guidance.
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