Hello Shadow Council,
We are a small guild of friends looking to branch out into 10 man raids. We need a few tanks, another healer or two, and some solid dps. This is not a hardcore raiding group, we frequent LFR, run heroics with new 90s on occasion, as well as PVP. Our goal is to do some evening raids with the guild in a stress free, 0 drama environment.

You have a life, and guess what, we do too. You won't get booted just because you choose not to play 10 hours a day.

We don't spam /trade chat looking for random people to fill our ranks. We look for friendly and honest people who want to have fun when we play. That doesn't always mean raiding, it could mean scenarios, heroics, questing, or achievement runs.

What we have to offer:
1) Lvl 25 guild perks
2) Repair costs
3) Access GB
4) Help with obtaining gear
5) Friendly mature guild mates

Mail or msg: Damarus, Saridil, or Nadryssa for an invite.