I've just gotten back into WoW after a period of inactivity and found myself without a guild (Inactivity wasn't really planned, you know how it goes).

In any case, I wanted to see about a new guild, but wasn't sure how to go about it. The single most important thing for me is just people to hang out/chat with while I play and, as a result of my work schedule I tend to be on later in the evenings most times (9 PM Realm Time and later).

The other main consideration is I want to get more into raiding, but my work schedule gets in the way because I work from Friday through Monday. There's also something I do regularly on Wednesdays, so Tuesdays and Thursdays are the only days I can actually raid (Wednesdays are possible depending on how late the Raid actually starts).

So in the end I'm hoping to find a Guild that's active around the same times I'm most likely to be and, if possible, one I can join in raiding with. With the new ability to adjust what loot you get in LFR I may build up a caster set, too.

For Raiding purposes, my main's built up for Feral & Guardian specs. I've actually got gear for each (488 for Feral, 481 for Guardian). Also have a 90 warlock I'm building up but he's only at 466 last I checked. Got plenty of alts scattered around level range otherwise.

Thanks in advance for any responses. I'll be on off and on primarily either on this toon or my lowbie priest, Zadevara if anyone wants to get in touch.