[H&A] <Lobster Brood> Not Recruiting

90 Tauren Warrior
<Lobster Brood> is currently not recruiting. We are not looking to fill a first or second 10man ToT raid group and have no plans to eventually get back into 25man raiding. We are currently 0/12 in ToT, and we have no progressional direction. We still keep it casual and understand that people have lives outside of the game. Hence, we are not recruiting.

Our raid nights are restricted from occurring between Monday and Sunday - 12am to 12am. We are not currently trying to fill a first or second ToT group for Wed nights 8:30pm to 11pm. We are not looking for tanks or dps, though healers are always welcome come heal me in PvP! The guild bank is loaded with tons of raid supplies for our raiders so we are always prepared but we basically refuse to use them because we are not raiding.

If raiding or pvp is not your thing you are still welcome to not join us! If you are currently looking for a new home to level in or a new community to be a part of please do not contact us via website or in game!

Our website is http://bit.ly/9hDAK

In light of the above news, you may wonder about the current status of our former glorious raiders and where they went to.

Suffering (Rogue: former GL) is now a plumber in Costa Rica. Although he misses the internet, he has fun smoking Cohibas, working with his plumberette Costa Rican wife and not having to mow his grass anymore (goats! so neat).

Redemon (aka Olivemon, Bluemon, Greenmon, Pokemon, Frankenmon, Blackiemon, Warringmon, Digemon, Simbamon, et. al.: founding officer) is now an entrepreneur who no longer plays WoW but levelled so many toons that he is selling time on them to Chinese game players and has been able to quit his daytime job as a phone salesman for an e-cigarette maker. He currently resides in Pickataw, WA and has returned to simpler times playing “Joust” all day on an old arcade simulater.

Grimwar (Warrior: former GL) was actually Kim Jong Il. He died last year.

Alamo (Druid: Founder of <LB>) moved to Bollywood and is pursuing an acting career. He has a small recurring role in an Indian version of the Green Hornet titled “Hara Ingalaind ki Prachin Kelt Jati Ka Purohit.” He plays WoW occasionally and makes side money in the Indian comedy circuit with re-enactments of the famous “50 DKP” WoW event (yes they still remember that in the India gaming circuit and that man actually gained a level of fame in Jakarta, India a major gaming hub) as well as capitalizing on his famous saga as “Alamo the Durid”.

Me (Warrior: Current GL) moved to Florida in 2006 after leaving my full-time job as a Jehovah’s Witnesses (praise be to WoW). I now bang down doors as a Firefighter/Paramedic and am attending the University of Florida in pursuit of becoming the next premier armchair Economist and/or Entrepreneurial Guru (I want to corner the market in ninja sword umbrellas, cosplay Spider-man masks and helping people achieve new levels of MPL). The reason I am not leading the charge toward raiding is because I spend all my non-WoW free time on Imgur.com looking at cats and reading puns that make me breath through my nostrils faster than usual and sometimes go “huehuehuehuehue.”

Yol bolsun!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Good post, would read again. 10/10

But honestly, if you're at the UoF, good job, do well and study hard!

<Carpe Diem>, some may ask? They split up too. :(
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100 Undead Death Knight
I enjoy these times the times.
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