Quoting Forrest Gump here: Sht happens. People always try to put a good spin on things but let's be real here, ok? In Cata we were a diverse, successful guild. We had a wide variety of members that had fun together and contributed to a wide variety of fun activities together including raiding in HM, pvp (arenas, bgs, raiding stormwind), achieve whoring, and dungeoing / questing with friends. A lot of things happened to contribute to all of that falling and I won't get into that here. We've tried to put bandaids on the matter (including a server transfer) but that's not enough.

Cinder and Ash is rebuilding and branching out. We're going back to the roots of what made us a great guild and that was friendship and fun. We need new members to help us pump the lifeblood back in. So here is our game plan:

  • Now: Recruit new members and forge friendships. Most of us are 18+, have lives and families and interests outside of wow, and enjoy no-drama adult conversation. We currently have students, teachers, web developers, accountants, authors, bankers, telemarketers, social workers, retail workers, and more.
  • Now: Start weekly scheduled activities. Some of us are gearing up for PVP, bg and arena. We have a Herald of the Titans run scheduled. We run old raids. We run challenge modes. We are leveling new toons all the time. And we want more. If you have something that you'd like to lead, let us know! Unscheduled, spontaneous fun is awesome, too!
  • 5.4: Reboot our raiding team. We are giving this time to allow the core strength of our guild to reform. We will be ready to go the second patch hits!

If you think we're a good fit for you or want more information, feel free to message us in-game.
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