So I heard you wanna Play the game....

90 Blood Elf Warlock
Well you're in luck...
Come to <<The French Connection>> and we will watch the head's roll together!
Some Things you can look foward to by joining.
    - Rbg's, always looking for more people to slay with,
    -Arena partner's to just cap, maybe even try hard in,
    -10m ToT runs, (still making a solid group, join now and assure a spot!)
    -Heroic Dungeons, Heroic scenarios, Challenge modes,
    -General slaying of World rares, (ie:Warbringers, Commanders, IoT rares, etc....
    -Wanting to world gank? World PvP? Just save some for the other's.

So Just message someone online for an invite, And slay some dragons, and slaughter the alliance with US!

C|_| QQ cup is empty
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So gay , makes me want to quit this game
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
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