Hello all you forum going PvP'ers. Names Daemon may have seen me around Trade or general ect ect. I am currently looking to start setting up an Established RBG team for the Horde side.
What i'm Looking for is not Elitists, Just wanna have fun and get stuff done. This said however, i'm not looking for scrubs who don't know how to play their class, role, or As a team.

Rating of at least 1100. (Scout) ((This can change after we have an Initial Group made))
Full Malevolent or Higher Gear (will not be Accepting anyone with Blues.)
Vent is a must.
Need Experienced Target Callers. 1-3 would be alright

Please sign up here or Message me In Game for more details.

Will Edit as we Add members to the group.

Thank you for your time and remeber FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!