Hordes Angels MC is recruiting ADULT players age 18 and up for PvE based activities including raiding, heroics, instancing and character progression. We are a level 25 guild that like many other guilds on the server, fizzled out after the introduction of Mists of Pandaria. The remaining few in the guild have expressed interest in rebuilding so we're looking for quality over quantity. We are cleaning out the guild and restructuring the ranking system currently with intentions on making it a "motorcycle club" type guild. We plan on road rallies and other activities.

Guild Requirements:

- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Must have a microphone/headset for voip.
- Must be a team player.
- Maturity is paramount.
- Must have a Mechano-hog or Goblin Trike.

What we don't want:

- Kids. (Sorry, but we've had bad experiences with kids in the guild)
- Troublemakers
- Die hard PvP finatics. (We're laid back and most of us don't enjoy PvP.)

Leadership Opportunities:

- Currently we need Class and Raid Leaders as well as Raiders.

If your interested in joining us, we will be recruiting for a few weeks to see if we can't bolster interest and get at least a dedicated 10 man team together for running our raids, if we do not however manage to get something going on Dentarg, we will most likely be transferring off the server when financially able to, in favor of a higher population realm with better raid progression.
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