stolen relic of zuldazar...

90 Troll Priest
I just got this trinket on my monk healer. Sure the spirit is ok but I see absolutely no reason to use it over my spirits of the sun trinket from tsulong. In a game where you are already babysitting about 8 different things and have a gaming mouse with about 12 keybinds already I would really like to see the devs pick out something either much more powerful and worth using as a stacking effect, or better yet, something that doesn't have to be targeted to a player and force another keybind etc. My monk is already watching ReM timer, Chi, Blackout kick buff, tiger palm buff, how many targets ReM is on, chi wave timer, chi torpedo timer, not to mention the encounter itself....
Anyways, does anyone else feel the same and is anyone else actually using this trinket?
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90 Pandaren Priest
It's a crappy trinket. I keep telling the Loot Council in my guild to give it to someone they hate.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
yeah the LC in my guild is myself and another the second it dropped the first time i looted to myself to DE. didnt give the option to the other healers i dont want anyone usin that junk lol
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90 Pandaren Monk
It's good for shamans kekekeke
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100 Draenei Shaman
I wish you could mash it and the hydra-spawn trinket together and get something that shields with decent numbers *and* doesn't require babysitting.

But then, I hate click trinkets for healers generally, for pretty much the reasons given by the OP. Healers have enough on our plate without having to manage a trinket. At least the mana restoring ones you can hit in a slow phase or macro into your class mana CD or something.

Hmm, maybe you should just macro the Relic along with some commonly used spell? It's off GCD, right? You'd wind up using it with only 1-2 charges, but since it stacks linearly, that's not really a throughput loss as long as the person gets hit before the shield wears off, and it would be better than not using it at all.
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90 Pandaren Priest
The most annoying thing about this trinket, for me, is that it requires you to physically target the person you want to put the shield on. The Bag of Hydra Poop only requires you to heal them. But the Relic requires you to actually have them targeted, which means that I almost always get the shield procs (as I don't target to heal).

I tested it out, and it's so bad it's not even funny. You're honestly better off going with the Seal, or Heroic Spirits,'d say even the Fruit Barrel is better than this monstrosity.
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