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Would anyone have a suggestion on how to "accurately" estimate the NPC population of a city (like Stormwind, for example), short of trying to physically count every one of them? I swear those kids that run around will purposely try to throw me off doing that...
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Lore wise or game wise?

Lore wise, kind of, but not really.Supplemental material offers semi-canon estimates. (wowpedia would be a good source to look up for that.) For an example here, Stormwind's population according to wowpedia is 200,000. Most cities aren't given an estimate, however.

Gameplay wise, not really either. You can get a /rough/ estimate of somewhat unique npcs from wowhead's city listing pages such as http://www.wowhead.com/zone=1519

That doesn't factor in multiple instances of an npc like the 30 or so guards running about, however, and also might contain duplicates or no longer existing npcs from previous patches. For example, Stormwind has "607" listed, but also has Kalecgos, Copper Racers, Turtles, two Varians, and single listings for the varying guard titles. Its a shoddy representation at best, and is also obviously non-indicative of lore population. (The Stormwind npcs make up .003% of its actual population if we go purely by the 607, inaccurate as it is.)
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Thanks, Raoul!

I'm trying to figure this stuff out for nerdy research paper purposes. I'm trying to figure out how large a population certain libraries in Azeroth serve, as well as compare sizes of collections.

Now, if I can figure out how to make Thaettir a librarian in-game, I can really start having fun!
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I use my scribe abilities to make books. I also collect tomes from all over. I don't think it makes me a librarian, but maybe more of a historian? A collector maybe?

As a tauren I am not sure where the library would be in Thunderbluff? If he goes the tribal route maybe the pictographs in game on the various tents and structures? Then again if he goes to Undercity there are tons of books and sections of research on various subjects. I don't think I have found yet where any books or libraries exist in Orgrimmar. But you might not want to be there right now anyway.

Perhaps the libraries in Dalaran? Oh wait...not good to go there either. I suppose if he was a druid or has a druid friend he can do some research in Moonglade. There are lots of books there!!
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