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Hey guys, I am returning to wow and was wondering how monk healers are in pvp compared to a holy pally or a priest. Just wondering if they are viable before I level one. Thanks for the help!
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absorbs > everything

edit: mistweavers have over 40 yard raid heals since ReM will bounce past 40 yards from you
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I find that while absorbtion effects are always good, because, why heal when you can prevent damage from occuring in the first place that monks are decent in PVP. Some of their mechanics are very useful. All healers have different play styles and utilities in PVP though.

For example: Transcendence: You can cleverly use this spell to avoid and kite players and LOS amongst other things.

Fortifying brew: is great for those moments When damage is escelating.

Diffuse Magic: can keep you out of trouble with spell casters by causing a culmination of damage and/or dots to become pointless or counter-offensive.

Zen meditation: Can be used to save your teamate(s) from being executed by a caster or generally "blown up"

Life Cocoon: Is excellent for emergency situations (Especially when glyphed) and (in my opinion) absorbs obnoxious amounts of damage, in addition to allowing you to reset your health.

Tiger's Lust and Roll: can make for great mobility and escapes.

(Lastly(as far as cooldowns go)) Ring of peace/ Charging ox wave/ Leg sweep can make for excellent reprieves to heal or assist in inflicting major pain (with cordination of a partner) to your pursuer.

In PVP (as a healer) avoidance is a fantastic tactic for maximizing your mana and minimizing casualties. It is however important in things like 2's (When your not being carried) to be capable and ware of "offensive healing." A little push in offense can be the difference between making or breaking an encounter or match.

As far As offense goes, monks have about as decent of a push (in my opinion) as disc priests, but, this requires you (for the most part) to be on top of a player so your awareness is key.

When it comes to healing, it is true that a monks main heal is channeled which can put them at an instant disadvantage considering the lack of mobility and amount of interupts capable of sabotaging your goal. Howver, something i've noticed with monks is their renewing Mists and uplift are not to be underestimated. In addition to that, their Zen sphere, chi wave, chi burst, and expel harm add unique automatic offensive mechanics to their healing which can add just a tiny bit of pressure.

While Soothing mists is interuptable, you can always manipulate your statue to cover healing when your LOS'ed or out of range of your partner or want an extra push in a short period. If your really uncomfortable doing this, then know that spamming healing spheres on yourself (when manipulated correctly) can yield decent healing results. Its instant and uninteruptable and is about the equivelent of a priest's heal but instant.

Last topic in this post regarding Mistweaver monks and PVP is that they offer great utility to damage reduction and more via Ring of peace, Paralysis, Grapple weapon, and Spear Hand strike.

Overall they seem like a solid 7 out 10 on the PVP scale (at the least).
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First off, don't let the rampant, sky-is-falling attitude of a lot of healers fool you: Every single healing spec is completely and totally viable, and ultimately being skilled in your spec is far more valuable than being slightly stronger but not knowledgeable in how to play your class.

Now, Mistweavers seem to be a jack-of-all-trades. They offer rather great throughput, giving Holy priests a run for their money, and are extremely mobile, much like Resto druids. They have a powerful tank cooldown and a very underestimated raid cooldown. Much like paladins, MW monks use an extra resource, called Chi, to heal with. Unlike the Holy paladin though, who uses their Holy Power to supplement their heals, much of a Mistweaver's abilities stem directly from Chi usage, and a skilled Mistweaver will know how to budget and store Chi away while keeping their usage up to stack our mana regeneration.

Their abilities, while simple, have a lot of hidden complexity to them, and I'll give you a rundown of the basics of each.

    - Soothing Mist: This is your generic, low cost heal. It's a channeled heal over time, so you can't move while casting it. However, it's rather cheap, and can heal for a surprising amount, so don't underestimate it. This will be your primary Chi generator
    - Enveloping Mist: Another HoT, but much more powerful in its use. It also boosts the healing done by Soothing Mist, and can be instantly cast while channeling Soothing Mist without breaking the channel. Here we begin to see the complexity; many abilities chain off of or are dependent on others. This costs 3 Chi, and great for spot healing or tank healing.
    - Surging Mist: This is our Flash Heal; expensive, but quick and useful for emergencies. Always generates 1 Chi, but be sure to use this very sparingly, as it is very expensive.
    - Renewing Mist: This HoT is where a majority of our healing will come from. When cast on an ally, it starts with three stacks and, on the first tick, will jump to either the closest or farthest damaged ally (if there are no damaged allies, it'll just jump to an uninjured one). It will do this once more as well. Casting it always grants 1 Chi.
    - Uplift: And this is where our raid healing comes in. Casting this will heal every team member with Renewing Mist on them. And yes, every single one. This heal can actually heal more people than any other raid heal, sans AoE healing areas like Healing Rain or Sanctuary. This will probably be your most used heal, and costs 2 Chi.
    - Healing Sphere: While this exists on all monk specs, it's more effectively used by Mistweavers. It places a globe of healing on the ground; should someone walk into it, it heals them.

Mistweavers also have a lot of supplementary abilities that you should utilize:

    - Thunder Focus Tea: This is our mini-cooldown. Using this requires 1 Chi, and while it has no direct effects, it has the ability to empower either our next Surginig Mist to increase its effectiveness by 50%, or Uplift to instantly refresh Renewing Mist on all players it heals.
    - Eminence: Mistweavers are given the unique ability to DPS to heal, much like Atonement priests. The key difference is, it can be very mana depriving if you can't do this correctly. Also, the range is much shorter than it is for Disc priests. While not totally viable for progression raiding, it's still quite effective for questing and dungeons.
    - Jade Serpent Statue: After placing it, it doubles your Eminence heals and, when you cast Soothing Mist, sends out a second Soothing Mist to heal another raid member.
    - Life Cocoon: This places an extremely large Shield on the target, absorbing a lot of damage and increasing the effectiveness of all HoTs by 30%.
    - Revival: Instantly heals the entire party or raid by a quite large amount, as well as removes all magic effects on any of them.
    - Mana Tea: Unlike other classes that have a cooldown to restore their mana, Mistweavers utilize Mana Tea to rejuvenate their mana in a sustained manner, based around how much Chi we spend. Spending 4 Chi creates 1 stack of Mana Tea, with a possibility to crit 2 stacks instead, and we spend these stacks to get mana back, 4% per stack.

I'm sure I'm missing a few, but those are our key abilities, and the ones you'll probably be using most of the time.

Mistweavers are perhaps one of the best raid healers in the game, if not the best. Great sustain and burst. Unfortunately, their tank heals, while doable, are very underwhelming compared to every other class. They're also bad at healing just one class; the jumping nature of Renewing Mist almost prevents this. To be honest, while seemingly simple, their underlying complex nature makes them one of the harder ones to play totally effectively.

Again, though, they're totally and completely viable. Best of all, healing on my monk, even while leveling, has been the most fun I've had healing in a very long while. I highly recommend you at least give it a try.
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