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Welcome to <Syndrome>, a Fresh Wow Experience
Hello fellow Cho'gall players, I am currently starting up a new guild with ideas I have always had but never really ran with until now because I felt like I didn't have enough experience with the game to pull it off. My goals for this guild is to not only provide options for high end content that everyone loves in the PVE and PVP world but also create a fun environment in which everyone can play the type of World of Warcraft they want to play with like minded people. I don't want to bombard you with everything in one giant wall of text so I have provided some details about the guild and myself below that you can read as you wish. On a final note if you want to be added to the guild, as of right now simply whisper or send an in-game mail to Midnitetrvlr and I will welcome you to our community.

TL;DR:Syndrome has been remade into a guild for anyone and everyone, including PVPers, Raiders, Battle Pet Enthusiasts, Achievement !@#$%s, Nostalgic players, Challenge Mode wannabes and any other genre of player you can think of. If we don't already have it set up for you, we'll work on making your ideas an interest for our community.

Everyone has an "All-around guild", what's going to stop yours from failing like theirs?
My opinion on why all those guilds you see claiming they partake in every aspect of the game fail is because the gm and their officers take on too much at once and therefore lose focus on the smaller things in the game like going for achievements, running old dungeons and just all around having fun. I plan on combating this by having dedicated officers who are basically guild masters of their own sections of game play. For instance, the raid officer would be in charge of choosing people to raid with and the times they would do it, pvp doing the same for his RBGS, another officer would be in charge of overseeing what I call the "old schoolers" which is explained further below. The idea is that each wing has their own leader that players will go to when they need help who will in turn go to the gm for setting things up.

That sounds to me like you're just there to boss people around, not really help. What's your role?

My main concerns in the guilds are to find competent people who can get a group and keep them together for the hardcore content, keep the casual players entertained with their own opportunities and build a community where you won't feel awkward asking guild chat to do something with you. Although I don't plan on being directly in charge of the raids or RBGs I have many ideas for special events and tournaments to get people involved and not make it too much pressure to just come, hang out and enjoy the game in any way possible.

You mentioned old schoolers, what in the world is that?
There is a semi new fad going around where guilds level up together and do the content as it is relevant and I personally love the idea. It's one thing to go in week after week on a high level character and breeze through content for transmog or that special mount, but it's another to be with a group of people actually working through the mechanics. I hope to have an officer in charge who runs these through "sessions" type where everyone starts off at 60 and to move on you have to of cleared all of the available classic content before going on to burning crusade content.

You said there were tournaments, do we get anything for those?
Yes, for these tournament like situations I feel like it wouldn't be that exciting unless there was some sort of prize to win. These tournaments can be anything from war games, battle pets, challenge modes, and whatever our imaginations can think of. There will however always be a prize for the winners!

How are you going to keep track of this? How will we communicate?
Beyond the UI and mechanics given through the WoW interface we will keep track of different things like event lists, who won what tournaments, guild ideas on my own notepad and Excel sheets. If the guild starts moving in a positive direction I plan on making a guild website for us. As far as communication goes I am looking into offers or trials mumble and ventrilo might have until we can get a more permanent server for ourselves.

That pretty much wraps up the basics I have right now, though I will be updating this thread as more questions are asked frequently or ideas pop up. I would be honored to have you as a part of this community and show that Cho'gall is not an impossible server to be on if you're not a part of the "elite".
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