Love my Mistweaver but...Help?

90 Pandaren Monk
It feels like sometimes the group is working against me rather then with me at times, especially in some heroic groups nowadays. (Note that I said some, not all. Some of the groups have been very awesome.) I also seem to be having some issues with one or two of my talent selections, based on what I have read in guides. They're not bad, per say...they just seem iffy to me.

Mana Tea - Prior to a thread I had a few months ago when I first received Mana Tea on my monk, I have an efficient way of building up these stacks now. Unfortunately, they don't seem to hand out that much mana. Does this increase as my Ilevel and gear goes up? Right now, every two stacks gives up about 24,000. (Not the best thing when a tank is chain-pulling and you don't have enough juice to even cast one of your mist spells.)

Chi Torpedo vs Xuen - A lot of guides seem to clash as far as the final talent point for Mistweavers. Xuen interacts with the Serpent Statue for it's duration while with Torpedo, you fling yourself around to heal the group. My question is: Which one is better and why so?

Mastery, Green orbs away - I love my Mastery on MW. Green orbs drop galore and they heal for a wonderful amount when someone walks through them. Saves me a ton of mana and a lot of stress....when some people actually use them. But it feels like people seem more inclined to avoid them and let them pop on their own for a smaller healing amount, despite a small macro that says they're a good thing. What do?!

Far away or up close - I know MW = Fistweaving and that Blackout Kick/Tiger Palm are important for our healing. But just how frequently should I be hitting the enemy as oppose to standing back and healing my allies?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Since nobody has taken to answering this:

Mana Tea - will pretty much always remain the same which is 4% of your mana per stack of tea consumed. Using the glyph you gain 8% or 24k mana ever 10s.

Chi Torpedo vs Xuen - Talent choices are no longer cut and dry. Both Xuen and Chi Torpedo are chosen based on fight, and it will vary from fight to fight. You're probably best off with Xuen until you hit LFR. I tend to take Chi Torpedo on fights with stacked AoE where you can use it. Xuen is more of a I don't have the positional ability to use Chi Torpedo, or if I want an extra cooldown.

Mastery - Mastery is good, but due to the nature of people not paying attention to the ground our healing orbs run into the same issue lightwell used to and still runs into. Blizzard tied the detonation in so that it's not completely wasted healing.

You should pretty much always be in melee. There are exception to this, but they are few and far in between. You don't necessarily have to be fistweaving, but you can still mistweave in melee and avoid a majority of raid mechanics.
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