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Hello! I recently joined this realm, to see a different side to WoW. I do have a lot of experience roleplaying, but mostly on forums. I would like to join an active RP guild (Horde side preferably), though really any suggestions on how to get immersed into the community are welcome :) Even someone willing to RP with me for a bit so I can get the hang of it would be awesome! Thanks in advance for any advice and help!
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Welcome! :) Horde side is pretty active, but mainly in Silvermoon. There are a couple social events on the weekends; usually a bar on Saturday evenings (variable location), and on Sundays there's Fancy Cakes (on the stoop outside the archaeology trainer), followed by the Shadowfire Club (down where the warlock trainers are). On most Wednesday evenings, there's a bar in Undercity.

Many of our RPers from both factions use rp-haven.com, a standalone website where people share stories, character backgrounds, artwork, and discuss RP stuff, game things, art, and writing. Many of our active Horde RPers post there, or at least follow along with the stories others post.

Active guilds off the top of my head include The Kingdom of Quel'Thelas and La Bella Morte. I know there are a couple of others out there that I'm blanking on.

The biggest difference I can think of from forum to WoW RP is it's more like a chat client based RP; it's usually in present tense, using emotes and /say and sometimes /yell to pose and have conversations in real time, as opposed to the hurry-up-and-wait that play-by-post can entail.

RP Haven has some RP forums, and sometimes people respond IC to blogs, but the RP forum is underutilized and the responses to blogs are more pseudo-IC than actual RP convo. However, Haven's where I found my current guilds and made other connections to RPers on Shadow Council when my old guild folded up, so don't knock it as a resource for finding folks!

There's also the Haven chat channel in game, both Horde and Alliance; just type /join Haven to meet with some folks :)

Good luck!
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